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President Yoweri Museveni made a mini reshuffle of his cabinet dropping 7 names including his Principal Private Secretary who was a few days to make 3 years on her contract. He recently led a walk against corruption and hosted the annual national thanksgiving prayers at Statehouse.

While the country is taking a narrative that he rewarded MPs who pushed for 75 Age Limit Removal cap from Uganda’s Constitution, he moved his all powerful Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana back to a lesser docket State Minister of Labour.

State Minister of Labour has been vacant following the alleged arrest of then Hon Herbert Kabafunzaki accused of taking a bribe from an investor at Serena Hotel in Kampala City.

Mwesigwa Rukutana is known to be a polygamous man with many children and his name has been mentioned in different payments involving billions of shillings.
Mwesigwa Rukutana did most of the donkey work as parliament debated the Age Limit Constitutional amendment and court cases in the constitutional court, supreme court and now at the East African Court of Appeal.

President Museveni on his last trip to China was confronted with a situation, the Court of Appeal had passed a ruling against a Chinese Company losing shs 22 billions. Mwesigwa Rukutana had supported the Ugandan company against the Chinese.

President Museveni came empty handed regarding funding of the Standard Gauge Railway, a chinese source said the President was furious and promised to fix this.

On 20th February 2019, Mwesigwa Rukutana’s convoy snaked through Kampala jam heading to Wandegeya, Kampala City Surbub where the Land Probe Commission has offices.

“At 9am, Uganda Deputy Attorney General was ushered at the commission, he first held a meeting with the commissioners including the former Attorney General Fred Ruhindi. He had asked for more time to reply the subject matter a land dispute involving the Kabaka of Buganda’s family land left by late Sir Edward Muteesa, Uganda’s First President and Kabaka of Buganda and his subject Muhammad Buwule Kasasa”.

No one could predict what happened that morning, Mwesigwa Rukutana came in a combative mood ready to challenge the Land Probe Commissioners.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire had blocked shs 24.6 billions that would be paid to Dr Kasasa Buwule a week towards the Christmas of 2018. The Deputy Attorney General had sactioned the payment yet government had payed the same person though he claims state house lawyers had defrauded him.

Mwesigwa Rukutana became a stubbon witness that morning, he refused to answer questions from the lead counsel of the day. Justice Catherine Bamugemereire tried to weigh in and the Deputy Attorney General replied with disrespect.

Rukutana said, ” I will not respect anyone as longer as am not respected. Justice Catherine Bamugemereire saying we have respected you, we are faced with hostility, combat and never have we encountered this and morever from the learned Deputy Attorney General”.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire said i will refer this matter to the appointing authority to find another body that Hon Rukutana respects, the interview is over and dismissed. Rukutana while addressing media, he said they can go hang or report to God as he feared no one including the Pope.

On 25th/02/2019, the Deputy Attorney General asked President Museveni to disband the Land Probe Commission.

“A week after he failed to account for his actions that involved paying shs 24.6 billions to Dr Mohammed Buwule Kasasa for land at Mutungo in Kampala whose ownership is contested in court by family of the late Sir Edward Muteesa, former King of Buganda”.

Towards Christmas as everyone was busy , Dr Mohammed Buwule Kasasa was going to receive part payment of shs 8 billions. The land probe halted the payments angering many.

The Deputy Attorney General was angered by the move saying the land probe commission shouldnt stop payment but just probe only.

Rukutana was asked why the solicitor general was not involved after producing a letter not signed. When asked about the unsigned document, he said it doesnt matter. Not even the auditor general can question my legal opinion.

When asked why he okayed payment yet the land ownership is disputed in court, Rukutana said Dr Mohammed Buwule Kasasa is the owner of land. He said the family of late Sir Edward Muteesa led by Prince David Wasajja have no case but want compensation.

The land probe commission discovered Dr Mohammed Buwule Kasasa has no legal basis on land, government officials are pushing for payment of shs 2 billions.
On 28th June 2019, Rukutana versus Anite, Uganda’s State Minister of investments and privatisation, Hon Anite raised a red flag on how Uganda Telecom was being managed.

“The Attorney General chambers has a role of advising government but its always one sided leading to hopelessness on the side of government.
Did President Museveni get convinced that Mwesigwa Rukutana’s legal opinion was costing government than defending it.

The appointing authority , President Museveni was going to have last say about a man who fears no one even if its President, Pope or God. Did Justice Catherine Bamugemereire report him to God?

Mr Aggrey Bagire is now Minister of State for Agriculture. He was formerly Minister of State for Works and Transport (transport).
Lt. Col. Rtd Bright Rwamirama is now the State Minister for Agriculture, he was formerly Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs.
Among those that were axed include Ms Monica Ntege Azuba, who is now former minister of works and transport. She was very instrumental in the recent revival of the Uganda Airlines which has since started its operation with four bombardier C900 aircraft.
The airline was revived this year after its collapse 20 years ago. This was seen by many as an achievement for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. Ms Azuba had at least been perceived as one of the hardest working ministers but alas, she was dropped in the reshuffle.
The others who were dropped include; Ms Aidah Nantaba, who was State Minister for Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Ms Janat Mukwaya, who was heading the Gender, Labour and Social Development docket, Ms Irene Muloni formerly Minister of Energy and Minerals, Mr Charles Bakkabulindi, who was Minister of State for Sports and Mr Alex Onzima who was Minister of State in the office of the Vice President.
Several ministers have survived the Commander-in-Chief’s axe as they have maintained their positions while others have been moved to different dockets. Below is the list;
Mr Frank Tumwebaze has been moved from ICT and is now the Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development.
Ms Beti Namisango Kamya and Ms Betty Amongi have simply swapped positions each heading the other’s former docket. Ms Amongi is now the Minister for Kampala while Ms Kamya is now the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban development.
Gen Katumba Wamala is the now the Minister of Works and Transport, he was formerly the State Minister in the same ministry. He replaces Monica Azuba.
Maj Gen Kahinda Otafire has been moved from the Ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs, he is now the Minister of East African Affairs.
Ms Mary Kitutu is now the Minister of Energy and Mineral development, she was formerly Minister of State for Water and Environment.
Mr Tom Butime is now the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, he was formerly minister for Local Government.
Mr Emphraim Kamuntu is now the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, he was formerly the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities.
Mr Christopher Kibazanga is now the Minister of State for Veteran Affairs, he has been moved from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Fisheries where he was the state minister.
Ms Sarah Opendi has been moved from the Health Ministry where she was the State Minister for Primary Health Care, she is now the Minister of State for Minerals.
Ms Joy Kabatsi is now Minister of State for Transport, she was formerly minister of State for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.
Dr Joyce Moriku is now the Minister of State for Primary Health Care, she was formerly Minister of State for Health (general duties).
Mr Mwesigwa Rukutana is now the State Minister of Labour, he was formerly the Deputy Attorney General.
Mr Aggrey Bagire is now Minister of State for Agriculture. He was formerly Minister of State for Works and Transport (transport).
Lt. Col. Rtd Bright Rwamirama is now the State Minister for Agriculture, he was formerly Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs.

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  1. How I thank the probe commission for bringing to book such selfish and unrespectful leaders.

  2. Hope he won’t do what the former minister kabafunzaki did.

  3. Rukutana is a person who behaves with alot of impunity. Style up man. This is Uganda under in predictable president.

  4. All the best for our dear ministers. What we need from them is to do what is supposed to be done for the development of our country period

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