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Hon Jane Ruth Aceng was successfully nominated to stand as Woman MP for Lira City on the NRM ticket. She thanked the people of Lira City for supporting her and loving her all these years.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng promised to work with the people to build their Miracle City which came a year earlier than promised.

Akech Barbara said the people of Lango pledge to stand with the Hon Minister of Health as a thank you for the great work she has done for Uganda.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health was nominated by National Resistance Movement party unopposed to contest for Woman Member of Parliament representing Lira City. Lira City had been differed to next year after Parliament passed the first 7 Cities out of 15 presented by government.

When she announced her candidature on 5th July 2020 to run for the Lira District Woman Member of Parliament she sent shockwaves in the district that is predominantly represented by the Opposition in Parliament.

Most of them dared her to do the impossible of making sure Lira City becomes operationalized since she is a senior Minister in the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

Meanwhile, an incident where people crowded near her while in Lira District became the biggest talk in Uganda. The Minister apologized and explained why people of had mobbed her yet they were not social distancing.

These two events made President Yoweri Museveni to speak passionately about Hon Jane Ruth Aceng. Museveni said he met Hon Aceng at Lira Referral Hospital and saw leadership qualities in her.

“I fished her out from Lira Referral Hospital and appointed her as the Director General of Health Services in Uganda a job she did with excellence causing me to elevate her to Minister of Health in 2016. She is hard working though people have forced her to join politics”, said Museveni

President Museveni said it has become had for me to stop her because the petitions in my office show the people of Lira are determined to support her.

Days after the public announcement, Cabinet announced that Lira City would be operationalized something that has made Hon Jane Ruth Aceng very powerful in Lango Sub-region.

 Moses Obil said Hon Jane Ruth Aceng has stamped her name in the books of history as someone who moved a mountain in politics.

“It was more than a dream, we were prepared for next year to receive our City Status but our powerful Cabinet Minister must have convinced President Museveni to do it since she is hardworking and government cannot refuse to reward her people”, said Obil.

The cabinet announcement and launching of Lira City Status meant that politicians in the district were going to revise their strategies as Constituencies were re-demarcated

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng who had announced that she would run for the Lira District Woman MP switched to Lira City Woman Mp.

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