By Goodluck Musinguzi

Dr Michael Mwanga is the most visible Director and Soroti Regional Referral Hospital’s activities are most active on social media. Mwanga is the Accounting Officer.

Dr Michael Mwanga’s account on twitter is @michael_mwanga and Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is SorotiHospital with visible activities being done.

Vote Strategic Objective

To improve the quality and safety of hospital care

To contribute to scaling up critical Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) interventions

To strengthen research activities

Strengthen training of health workers

To strengthen collaboration with other hospitals and provide the support supervision to lower level health facilities in the Teso Region

To improve effectiveness and efficiency of hospital services

To strengthen hospital partnerships

FY 2019/20 Planned Outputs
Inpatient services:
22,000 Admissions, 4000 Surgeries(major and minor) done, 3500 Deliveries, 97% Bed Occupancy Rate and 4 days Average length of stay.

2. Outpatients services: 38,000 General OPD attendance, 30,000 Special clinic attendance. 3. Medicines worth UGX 1,204,663,765 under
credit line procured.

4. Diagnostic Services; 190,000 Laboratory tests done, 6000 Imagings done (1500 U/S scans and 4,500 X-rays), and 60
postmortems done.

5. Regional equipment maintained; Cleaning of hospital units and hospital compound done payments made: Assorted medical
maintained Spare parts procured.

8 regional outreach session conducted, and 8 user training session conducted. 6. Preventive and immunization
services: 10,000 children Immunized, 4500 Women Immunized. 4500 Mothers attended to Antenatal Clinic, 3500 Family Planning contacts made.

Under Development Budget:

Renovation of Non Residential Buildings- These include: ward 1 ward 2 and ward 3 to be renovated at cost of 608,000,000 by 30th Jun 2019

Medical Ward roofs destroyed by termites, medicines store roof and walls damaged by termites. Overhaul the sewerage system and increase the
number of toilet in all the wards with bigger pipes to handle the increased volume of waste.

Renovation of Residential buildings.These will be delivered through removing the asbestos sheet from staff housing and minor repairs to improve on livelihood of medical workers. 10 staff housing units renovated at cost of 100,000,000 by 30th Jun 2019.

Purchase of Medical Equipment : Procurement of critical Equipment in the wards. specialized equipment for specialized units such Ear Nose
Throat (E N T), Orthopedic, Theater-surgical sets, caesarean section sets and eye unit sets.Assorted medical equipment purchased at cost of
300,000,000 by 30th Jun 2019.

Purchase of Office Equipment and Furniture: Through the purchase of filing cabinets to improve on records management and storage ,photocopier
heavy duty photocopier and computer for administration and some offices in the wards and these will improve on timely submission of reports.

Office Equipment and furniture procured at cost of 80,000,000 by 30th Jun 2109.
Purchase of Hospital Director’s vehicle -Purchase and procurement of 4 wheel drive vehicle for director to ease the movement and coordination of
activities while executing duties required at the sector ministry and MDAs (Ministries, Departments and other agencies.).

Hospital directors vehicle purchased at cost of 400,000,000 by 30th Jun 2019.
Construction of surgical/maternal complex 20bn. Soroti R.R.H has not yet benefited from expansion of wards, OPD, laboratory and pharmacy
space through construction of new buildings. Severe crowding severely impacts negatively on the quality of care. The population continues to
Procurement of Incinerator: High population generates a lot of waste and yet hospital doesn’t have trucks to dispose and dump waste.
Acquisition of Land for expansion since hospital is going to serve as a teaching hospital hence a better environment is essential. Modern
monitoring equipment cannot fit in the current wards.
Piped oxygen to all the wards to improve on provision of service and reduce on the cost of transporting, Storage and Replacement.
Medium Term Plans
Reduction in Utility Bill:
-Procurement and installation of solar panels to reduce on the electricity utility bills for in house lighting and security lights.
-Drill and immerse water pump to pump underground water and install underground water tanks to harvest rain water.
-Re-metering and detaching the hospital quarters from hospital water grid to a reduce escalating water bill and yet funds remain low.
Timely submission of final accounts to improve on accountability.
-Internal auditing and advice to management on finance appropriations.
Prioritizing areas of improved performance such as attracting ,recruitment and retention of skilled workforce,timely payment of salaries and
processing of pension and gratuity,
Efficiency of Vote Budget Allocations
Vote Investment Plans

Renovation of wards 1,ward 2,ward 3 and sewerage systems
Purchase of Assorted medical equipment
purchase of office equipment and furniture.
Renovation of residential buildings,re-metering of staff quarters and fencing of hospital plots.

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Born on 12th March 1979 in Kabale district, South Western Uganda near the Rwanda and Eastern Congo Borders. Started Journalism around 1999, the Kibwetere inferno was a turn around. Entatsi newspaper and Monitor FM were interested in my stories. I covered extensively the Amama Mbabazi-Garuga Musinguzi Parliamentary elections extensively for Monitor Newspaper,Monitor FM, Voice of Kigezi and Entatsi Newspaper. Later I worked with Uganda Radio Network. Newvision gave me opportunity to cover War in Eastern Congo. Did investigation stories. Am now the Chief Executive Officer Kigezi News Agency Limited, we publish for a number of websites in Uganda.

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