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“Dr Francis Runumi, Former Commissioner Planning Ministry of health Challenged Minister Jane Ruth Aceng After Visiting Entebbe Airport”

By Goodluck Musinguzi

Uganda’s health officials have stayed for more than a year battling Ebola virus from reaching Uganda. Entebbe Airport has been screening and its just being beefed during this time of COVID-19.

Dr Yonas Tegegn WOLDEMARIAM, the World Health Organisation Representative to Uganda said this after visiting Entebbe Airport together with Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health and officials from DFID_UK and IDI as part of the Minister’s weekly support supervision visit.

“We agreed to redesign the screening area to decongest it with support from DFID-UK, this will be essential in preventing the spead of disease”.

Many Ugandans think this is not the time for political gaming , its time to follow the science way.

While there are voices that question everything in the health sector, its fundamental to compare Uganda a poor country and the developed ones after Coronavirus pandemic.

Italy one of the most sociable country has so far lost 1,809 people with 24,747 cases reported.

Daily Mail reports that Italian Coronavirus victims who are over 80 years will not receive treatment if situation worsens under emergency plans, the Prime Minister of Italy warned as country is entering its “riskiest weeks”.

Italian medics have already described how hospitals have been overwhelmed by the health crisis, with Italy suffering the worst outbreak in Europe.

“We are close to the point where we will nolonger be able to resuscitate people because we will be out of intensive care unit beds,we need those machines(doctors) use to ventilate lungs, artificial respirators that unfortunately we cannot find.

Many times we keep denigrating Uganda’s government from the comfort of our keyboards , yet its proving to be one of the most efficient in the world when it comes handling pandemics and epidemics.

While Journalists expected to hear the worst comment from the WHO Country Representative, he said Uganda’s health workers are more prepared as they have been handling ebola.

Uganda compared to Italy or other contries in Europe is poor, it spends less on every Ugandan per year for the several services that are needed.

Uganda has 6,937 health facilities and special clinics from 128 districts, 3,133(45.16%) of health facilities are owned by government, 1002(14.44%) are private and not for profit while the remaining 2795(40.29%) are private for profit.

There are two National Referral Hospitals, 13 Regional Referral Hospitals, 3 Referral hospitals , 163 General Hospitals , 222 Health Center IVs, 1574 Health Center 3S, 3,365 Health center 2s, 1572 clinics and 24 Special Clinics from TASO, AIDS Information Cetre and Children’s AIDS fund Uganda.

Its 3 months since Coronavirus was announced in China, 6000 people have died globally, over 150,000 cases reported. In East Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, DRC have reported cases.
Keeping Corona Virus out of Uganda for this long shows there is efficiency and room for improvement, Ugandans should be proud. DRC had Ebola for the whole of 2019 but health warriors protected the Western border.

President Yoweri Museveni is tough when it deals with life and death of Ugandans. He has fought terrorism and pandemics by providing enough resources and calling for behavior change.

The government of Uganda at its Virus Research Institute is already trying out different possible drug combinations for combatting coronavirus.

Dr Francis Runumi, the Former Commissioner Planning Ministry of Health challenged Hon Jane Ruth Aceng to stop arranged visits and use impromptu visits.

“Whilst such arranged visits appear impressive, impromptu visits to places where help or management is anticipated give a different picture. I have been frequenting a semi empty grade B hospital here in Entebbe just behind the National Medical Stores looking after a Road Traffic Accident patient”.

He said he is pissed off with requests of buying almost everything including gloves. Ward is empty not because our population is healthy, there’s little to attract them there. If it was not health workers and students in the ward we would have left.

“So while i see people patting themselves on the back for a good job, good preparations for Coronavirus challenge…i just see ostrich with its head in the sand”.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health never replied him, however most Ugandans have come out to appreciate Dr Aceng for selflessly working hard to make sure she fights Ebola successful and now COVID-19.

Our government could look like a failure to us when it comes to normal things such as constructing roads that last. But not when it deals with the life and death of its people, not when it is things like terrorism, pandemics. You can trust Uganda to be hyper efficient in this moment.

“Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise about government’s effort in the times of corona is either a fool or ignorant. You think you are too smart simply because you have a smart phone and can type something, but trust there are people who are doing their best day and night to make sure you are safe”.

Outbreaks of Corona virus has tested the limits of health care in the developed countries
Most people are using their smart phones to spread hysteria that Uganda is not prepared to guard against COVID-19 or contain it when its detected.

Most people have been thinking Uganda is not prepared but most countries in Europe and America are doing worse than most African countries.

Uganda is prepared with goods like test kits , respirators and hospital beds. Uganda has provided critical leadership through President Museveni, Minister of Health Hon Ruth Jane Aceng and Dr Diana Atwine that will ensure good outcome.

In Italy people are feeling helpless, many crying, crying for the children who cant visit parents in nursing homes, cry for those in nursing homes who will be afraid.

Cry for the seniors who take a bus to the grocery store and find bare shelves. Cry for the poor and homeless i pass on my way to work.

Italy Doctors are describing how hospital staff are struggling to cope with a tsunami of patients suffering from severe bilateral pneumonia.

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