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Words cannot express the feelings of the people in Beirut the Capital City of Lebanon that was hit by massive ammonium nitrate explosions that was felt 150 kms away in Cyprus.

These are are tough days for the world, thousands of messages are trending under harsh tag standing with Lebanon.

Ayman Mohyeldin said tonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes, during a deadly pandemic, with a collapsing economy surrounded by countries that have attacked and threatened them and a world that has abandoned them and their refugees.They deserve better

Sundus Omar Ali, Iraq Ambassador to Czech Republic said Standing together in solidarity, #Beirut shall rise from this catastrophe, strong and prosperous, to return to us as the “Jewel and Bride of the East” once again with its full vitality and timeless charm, insha’allah. #Lebanon #BeirutExplosion #prayforbeirut

Jon Hirst said Let us all stand with #Lebanon today. This is an image that @ianbremmer shared on how Egypt’s is standing with them.

Lawk Ghafuri said Iraqi protesters in Tahrir Square in #Baghdad are standing in solidarity w/ #Beirut which rocked with a twin blast that resulted in death of 100s of innocents lives and wounding 1000s others. Iraqis singing for #Lebanon this evening in Baghdad.

Turkey’s president and top Turkish officials expressed sorrow Tuesday after a massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut, leveling a three-story building and leaving many wounded.

Major Olimpio said I would like to express my complete solidarity with the Lebanese people at this difficult and painful time. Lebanon is a long standing friend from our nation, and more than that, the largest Lebanese community outside Lebanon is here in Brazil. All of our faith and support.

In a phone call, Recep Tayyip Erdogan extended his condolences to his counterpart Michel Aoun and the Lebanese people, Turkey’s Communications Directorate said in a statement.

Michelle Bachelet said My thoughts with Lebanon. More than resilience will be needed to overcome this crisis. I call on the international community to stand in solidarity with the Lebanese people.

Simon Misrael said It’s really hard to see photos like these. My prayers go to all of those families who had to live that horrible tragedy. I love people from lebanon and I’m standing with you. #Beirut #lebanon #Lebanon #prayforbeirut We must help.

GICHD e are saddened & our thoughts are with the people of #Lebanon as they face the devastating consequences of the explosion in #Beirut. We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims & to its long standing partners in Lebanon in the aftermath of this tragic event

SAHOURI INSURANCE said Standing in solidarity with Lebanon. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to the families who lost loved ones and pray for the injured, effected and every hero on the frontlines.
حسن سجواني
Flag of United Arab Emirates

Hassan Sajwani said The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa lits up in Lebanese flag colors in solidarity with its people after the horrific Beirut port explosions

BeirutBlast #Beirut

ElMo Van Dijk said There’s no cause without effect. You just have to wonder how the Lebanese government was so naive and careless to be leaving 2,700 TONS of Ammonium nitrate laying around in a civilian port in a densely populated area in Beirut for 5 YEARS!!! Disaster waiting to happen.

Affan Babar said Why 2020 is getting worse day by day… Another heart bleeding tragedy in Beirut, Lebanon Flag of Lebanon but Pakistan is standing with Lebanon. My words cannot express my feelings for our Brothers and Sisters. May Allah grant you people ease.

Babar Baloch said UNHCR deeply struck by death, devastation inflicted by the massive explosion which ripped through Beirut.

Heartfelt condolences go to families who have lost dear ones. Thoughts with those hurt, injured.
Standing in solidarity with the people of Beirut & Lebanon @FilippoGrandi

Sophia Dedace said its Difficult to fathom the pain and devastation the people of Lebanon are feeling right now.

Lemy said I’m standing with all my brothers and sisters in Lebanon (after all, we’re all human beings). For a catastrophe on such a massive scale, I can only imagine how it must be like in Beirut right now #StandWithLebanon

Standing in solidarity with colleagues and friends in Beirut in these tragic and testing times. I hope everyone you love and hold dear are safe.

Awais Iqbal Tanoli Khan said We are standing in these testing times with our brothers and sisters in beirut Lebanon. May Allah gives you the patience to bear this loss and courage to fight back. #BeirutBlast #Pakistan

Erdogan said Turkey stands by Lebanon and is ready to provide all humanitarian assistance, mainly healthcare, to the Lebanese people.

“I offer my condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives in the explosion at Beirut Port and I wish them patience and stamina from Allah.

“I wish immediate healing to the injured. We will always stand by Lebanon and our Lebanese brothers,” he added.

Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay also conveyed his condolences to the Lebanese people, adding Ankara was ready to help.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in a tweet wished Allah’s mercy upon the victims of the blast.

“Condolences to the brotherly and friendly people of #Lebanon. Hoping there won’t be any more losses. Ready to assist our Lebanese brothers & sisters in every way,” Cavusoglu said.

Also, Omer Celik, the spokesman for the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, said that they are standing with the people of Beirut in this difficult hour.

Turkey’s Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said they will stand beside the brotherly country of Lebanon and that Turkey shared its pain.

“Although the reason for the explosion in Beirut is not finalized, there are many dead and wounded,” said Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop.

Sentop also wished a speedy recovery for the two Turkish citizens who were injured in the explosion and added that Turkey, just like it did with other countries, will come to Lebanon’s aid.

The Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Kudret Ozersay, also wished mercy to those who lost their lives in the explosion and hoped for urgent recoveries and that the number of casualties would not increase.

A fire caused a massive blast at a warehouse storing explosives at the Port of Beirut. The exact cause of the blast is unknown.

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