By Goodluck Musinguzi

State Minister for Finance(Planning) and Ndorwa West Member of Parliament,Hon David Bahati’s performance in the 10th Parliament shows he is a man dissatisfied with his performance.

Year after year since joining the 10th Parliament in 2016, Hon David Bahati has performed well as a legislator and Cabinet Minister.

Divine Muhumuza a voter from Rubaya subcounty says the people of Ndorwa West hired the best Member of Parliament in Hon David Bahati.

“If the findings of the Parliamentary Scorecard of each financial year name him as the best Legislator and Minister, its hard to question”, he said

Muhumuza says his performance at constituency level is the best too as he does his best to support community initiatives and pull government projects.

The people of Ndorwa West have seen him go to parliament unopposed because everyone agreed that he was the best.

Hon David Bahati’s behavioral traits and skills makes him a leader that we want because we know what we want. Muhumuza congratulated him and wished him well in leadership.

Bahati has made it his duty to grasp the needs of people and interprets them as his making dedicated to his work.

David Pulkol, the executive director of Africa Leadership Institute, who compiled the report said tracking performance of MPs is made difficult by the fact that most Ugandans misunderstand the legislators’ role.

The MPs were assessed on their attendance of plenary and committee sessions, in addition to performance in their constituencies.

Hon David Bahati handing over land titles in Ndorwa West for the first time after government built a land registry in Kabale district.

“Parliament performed relatively well in its legislative function, passing 27 laws, while it did not do very well in its representation and appropriation roles,” according to findings of the report.

The findings were verified by Uganda Management Institute to enhance the creibility of the data that could have an impact on electoral outcomes in the forthcoming general elections.

Marco de Swart of the Democratic Governance Facility said they were happy to support this project because parliament is a key institution whose performance affects the extent to which Ugandans enjoy the benefits of democracy.

“This is an important project for us because we believe in the value that quality of legislation has on deepening democracy in societies,” he said.

Hon David Bahati has remained the best because performance, regularity in Parliament and strong recommendations in his presentations move the country.

Hon Dvid Bahati’s story is inspiring for the young and old, most people are not surprised at his performance in government.

He lived off selling banana leaves, cigarettes and ferrying food stuffs at the market in Kabale to raise his school fees.

When he lost his grandmother, the only person who looked after him, his world crashed – but because he says he is resilient and determined, he confesses to living with the hope that tomorrow would be better.

At the time his grandmother died, he was in P.6 at Kakomo Primary School and knew that staying in school would be his key to a better world.

Doing manual jobs and petty trade around Kabale, Bahati made it to Kigezi High School, one of the best schools in the western region and later, joined Makerere University on government sponsorship, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Now Ndorwa West MP, Hon Bahati holds an MBA from Cardiff University in the UK. He is a businessman and chartered accountant; no mean feats for a man who says he grew up without a career aspiration in mind.

“I have a humble background and owe everything I am today to the community that brought me up – I am a testimony to what one can become when they focus on being useful in life,” said the unassuming legislator when I caught up with him at Sheraton Hotel’s Kidepo Health Centre, where he does his fitness exercises.

It is not difficult to see humility and people-centredness in Bahati. He told me he got into politics in 2006 as a way of giving back to the community, which gave so much to him.

He had never seen himself as a politician and describes himself as a community worker. Without airs of self importance, Bahati impresses at first sight.

Hon David Bahati is the Chairman of NRM Party in Kabale District a post that has helped him to build strong structures of the party.

Additional Report by Dialy Monitor

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