Teachers want own national teachers’ council

By Frederick Anyine

Teachers under their umbrella organization the Uganda National Teachers’ Union UNATU have expressed dissatisfaction with mixed reactions over the new national teacher policy of every teacher to be a degree holder as way of standardization like other professions.

For this cause, teachers want the government through the parliament to establish an act of creating National Teachers’ Council that will take charge on shaping the direction of the teaching profession for rewards and sanctions.

Reacting to the remarks made by teachers at the South Regional Council at Mbarara Catholic Social Center on Saturday October 26, 2019, the General Secretary of Uganda National Teachers’ Union UNATU Mr Filbert Baguma said as teachers they need a national teachers’ council to address salient issues in the teaching  profession.

Baguma was officiating at the  South Western Region Unatu Council comprising districts of Kigezi and Ankole sub regions.

HE told the participants that it is hurting to find government made a decision without recognising and consulting the stakeholders the teachers in manufacturing the new policy.

He explained to the south west regional council that the national teacher policy was approved the cabinet in April 2019 and was launched on world teachers’ day celebrations in Kamuli.

Now teachers want the government as it enforces the policy to first consider those who have degrees be paid as per qualifications attained as beneficiaries will build confidence and encourage other teachers to follow the suit in seeking higher qualification.

The general secretary Uganda national teachers union asked the teachers to welcome the policy as this will improve on the quality of teachers with set frameworks under the policy which comprise of social dialogue and continuous development framework meant to have structured way.

Addressing on the issue of reforms going on in the  National Curriculum Development Center NCDC, Baguma said its sad to find teachers who are supposed to implement the reforms have not been involved in the process and don’t know the contents of the new curriculum.

He advised the National Curriculum Development Centre to first do enough consultations before they half hazardily rollout the new curriculum.

He stressed that stakeholders have a say and must take part and know what is there.

Baguma said if they NCDC is making good for the teachers why is it making it without teachers getting fully involved.

He cautioned that NCDC must do a lot of consultations and sensitization before the new curriculum is rolled out short of that the shortcomings that come with it they should be held responsible as NCDC.

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