President Donald Trump’s White House announced that the US will no longer be in the immediate area of Northern Syria. This announcement has given Turkey an open key to amass its troops, launch aerial attacks.

Different voices say Syrian Kurds have been abandoned after they fought and lost 10,000 men and women when they battled ISIS for the World. “ Now, they could be and many expect will be wiped out in a campaign of ethnic violence and displacement by Turkey”.

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said they will neutralize terror threats against Turkey and lead to the establishment of a safe zone, facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their homes. We will preserve Syria’s territorial integrity and liberate local communities from terrorists.

In abandoning the Kurds to an onslaught from Turkish forces, Trump has likely sealed Rojava’s fate, dooming their great experiment in self-rule. “This isn’t just a betrayal,” one Kurdish friend in Qamishli said, “It feels like the final betrayal”.

Turkey has given reasons why they decided to attack Northern Syria after United Nations failed to act.

1- The Turkish Armed Forces have never gone to oppressed geographies like the Imperialist bloodsuckers for political ambitions. Cyprus is witness to this. South Korea, Bosnia are witnesses. Afghanistan is a witness. Every time we went, went for justice.

2- Again, on the eve of an operation, timingly or untimingly, but caring for justice, dreaming of smiling children, women, spouses; the Turkish Armed Forces and Syrian National Army will this time walk for the Syrian brothers and sisters.

3- The Turkish Armed Forces, together with the Syrian National Army, on the front, set out to write another epic of justice. That’s right! History has been repeating itself again. The loyal friend of Syrian people has come. The Turks has come. For justice!

4- Kurds, Arabs, Nusayris, Alevis, Ismailis, Druzes, Yazidis are brothers. Those stolen from them will be returned. It is our responsibility to take back all their freedoms, hopes, tomorrows, whatever the terrorist organization PKK / YPG stole from them.

5- No longer will PKK/YPG or other terrorists come and claim their sons and they fear not or have to hide their sons under the pillow. The Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces have to perform operations for the future of these children!

6- Civilians will not have to hide their daughters in cellars from terrorist organizations to avoid being raped by terrorists. The Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces have to perform an operation for the honor of these young girls!

7- Civilians will not have to hide their supplies they saved for winter with the fear that they will be confiscated by the terrorist organization! The Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces will secure the future of these oppressed people!

8- For the Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds living in the region! What have the European, American or other imperialist focuses and the terrorist organizations with which they have formed alliances in the field done for you?

9- For the Nusayris, Alevis, Yazidis and Druzes! What terrorist organizations used by these imperialist powers as puppets have stolen from the region, from your region, from your lives?

10- Houses looted in Syria. The girls’ honor defiled. The children who were supposed to play in the park were claimed as soldiers by PKK / YPG terrorists. The Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces cannot remain silent and will not.

11- Those who change the demographic structure of the region will pay for its consequences! Neither the UN nor the international organizations spoke against the massacre of families. But the Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces will stop this!

12- They ignore how YPG / PKK terrorists abuse women. However, at UN meetings; They pick up a blonde&innocent girl to talk about environment, women rights! All they do is to keep their own agenda, for their own pocket. THEY DON’T CARE ARABS or KURDS or US!

13- WEST remains silent but the Turkish Armed Forces and the Syrian National Army will not remain silent against the bullets fired over civilians who walk for democracy and freedom. PKK / YPG terrorists will be wiped out of the peace zone!

14- Hospitals & Schools were built in the region after the Euphrates Shield operation. Civilians have been treated humanely for the first time in the last 10 years. The civilians living in the east of the Euphrates deserve this human treatment too!

15- The region has forgotten the happiness. They have forgotten all the beauties, having dinner with the family, going to work, getting presents for their children! Turkish Armed Forces and National Syrian Army is to return these beauties again!

16- Now Syria’s own sons are on their way. The Syrian National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces set out with promise to return what was stolen from civilians in the middle of the war in Syria, taking thieves and returning them to the oppressed. Support!

17- Look at the zones the Syrian National Army and Turkish Armed Forces is permanent. Look at the geographies where justice blossoms! Our people, our brothers, our common history! If we’re not going to act for each other today, then when?

However, the Kurds and their supporters think otherwise,

The Syrian Kurds have been harassed by Syrians. Turkey wants them ethnically cleansed (killed). We were their only hope. Trump abandoned them over money. Turkey started their invasion today. Thousands of men, women and children will die. And Trump doesn’t give a F. Despicable.

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