Sudan’s historic post-Bashir cabinet sworn in

New Sudan Cabinet after swearing ceremony on September 8 Sunday. Courtesy photo

Will Ross

BBC World Service

Sudan’s first cabinet since the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir in April has been sworn in.

The 18 members of the cabinet, which include four women and the country’s first female Foreign Minister, Asmaa Abdallah, took their oaths of office at the presidential palace in the capital, Khartoum, on Sunday

There is great hope in Sudan that this new cabinet will focus on improving people’s lives after Mr Bashir’s tyrannical rule.

It follows after the setting up of a sovereign council last month, comprising civilian and military members.

Its immediate priorities are reviving the economy, which is in a dire state, and ending the simmering conflicts which Mr Bashir had stoked by creating the loyal militias that kept him in power.

It is not clear if the months of protests have produced real change.

Some of the former president’s key allies – including senior military personnel – still hold powerful positions in the new sovereign council.

If this proves to be a false dawn, the Sudanese streets could soon once again be full of people calling for genuine change.

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