Sam Lokodo Issues guidelines on Nyege Nyege

After getting Police approval yesterday, the Nyege Nyege Festival has officially began. The event is set to run from today 5th to 8th September.

The event is expected to attract thousands of party and dance enthusiasts from all over the world more so from the two capitals Kampala and Nairobi.

The event whose shadowy organizers have yet to attach their identity to, is swiftly becoming the most anticipated event of the year as it has reverberated across the world.

Set on the banks of the Nile, the revelers attending will be treated to a week long celebration of music as an art in all its forms.

It will range from performances by both local and international artistes from the African Continent and the Caribbean.

Scenes like these are custom at Nyege Nyege Festivals.

However, amid all the fun and excitement, government through the minister for ethics Simon Lokodo has issued strict guidelines on what should be and what should not be done.

Revelers at last year’s Nyege Nyege Festival

According to minister Lokodo, the event will be closely monitored by Police, Army and other sister agencies.

According to a memorandum of understanding between the government and organisers, in the event of any breach of any or a combination of terms, the government reserves the right to call off the event without notice.

“Open sex or any sexual activity which has been the practice of nyege nyege shall not be allowed,” said Lokodo.

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