R Kelly wants more girl friends to see him in jail in face of 195 years sentence

A pensive R Kelly in court wants to see as many girl friends visit him as possible.

American singer Robert Sylvester Kelly is in jail awaiting hearing in April 2020, but he is more worried about seeing just one girlfriend at a time.

Charged with sex-related offences, including sex with underage girls which could land him 195 years sentence, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg is unhappy with the jail house not giving the best of medical care to his client, adding privileges he is due are being curtailed.

Greenberg wants his client released from prison on health grounds, noting the songwriter suffers from anxiety, an untreated hernia and numbness in one of his hands.

Greenberg prayed the US District Court in New York on Monday: “His visits are severely restricted; presently, he is only allowed one unrelated person to visit. In other words, although he lives and has lived with two lady friends, only one of them is allowed to be on his visiting list, and after 90 days he is required to switch. No other friends or professional colleagues are allowed to visit. That is not right.”

Kelly is also facing federal sex crimes charges in Chicago as well as charges in New York on racketeering and sexual exploitation of a child.

R Kelly has proven his musical credentials beyond doubt – three Grammys, 12 solo studio albums and 75 million records sale worldwide.

The 52-year-old Chicago, Illinois native in many eyes is the ‘King of R&B’ and ‘King of Pop-Soul’ achieving fame and wealth estimated at $1 million.

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