By Goodluck Musinguzi

Seeking for National leadership in a multi-party democracy starts in a political party of choice or a political party you have served.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was confirmed by National Resistance Movement Party through a vitual vote taken across Uganda because of the corona virus pandemic.

President Museveni got 100 percent like in the last elections in 2015 when his party chose him to be the Chairman and Presidential Candidate.

His journey to contest for 2021 Presidential elections starts with the highest popularity and a united party.

President Museveni thanked NRM Leaders for supporting him and promised to preside over a manisfesto that is science led.

Many leaders suffer a substantial change in their popularity when they are leading government or become less popular as campaigns go on. President Museveni has defied alot in Uganda’s politics to retain faith of his members.

As NRM plans to face other political parties, its Presidential candidate returns to the ballot with majority in his political party.

In his speech, President Museveni talked about the coronavirus pandemic that has affected all countries across the globe.

“Many people have survived this disease in Uganda, 1,165 out of the 1,560 infected, it gives me a clear hope of a vaccine. Yet, we have seen massive deaths in some countries in the World when people do not take firm measures”, Museveni said.

Here in Uganda, we have by today, lost a total of 15people.Many of these deaths could have been avoided if they had gone to approved Government treatment centers dedicated for this purpose.

President Museveni advised Ugandans to follow he correct procedure in case they feel sick with flu-like symptoms, stay at your home and ring the nearest Government health center.

They will alert the nearest Covid-19 monitoring center who will, then, come to the home of the person, take samples and in 24-48 hours, the results will be back. If the person is found without Covid-19, then that person will be taken to the nearest normal health center.

If found with Covid-19, the person will be taken to the Covid-19treatment centers in the following places.

Mulago National Referral Hospital;(ii)Entebbe Grade B Hospital;(iii)China-Uganda Friendship Hospital, Naguru;(iv)Jinja Regional Referral Hospital;(v)Mbale Regional Referral Hospital;(vi)MasakaRegional Referral Hospital;(vii)Gulu Regional Referral Hospital;

Lira Regional Referral Hospital;(ix)Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital;(x)Hoima Regional Referral Hospital;(xi)Mubende Regional Referral Hospital;(xii)Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital;(xiii)Adjumani Hospital.

Soroti Regional Referral Hospital;(xv)Kabale Regional Referral Hospital;(xvi)Moroto Regional Referral Hospital;(xvii)Bombo Military Hospital;(xviii)and Arua Regional Referral Hospital.

Almost all the Covid-19infected persons that have got to the Government treatment centers in time, have healed.

In the meantime, remember that Covid-19is completely avoidable by doing the following:(a)Always keeping two (2) metres from one another while in public;(b)Always wearing a mask in public;(c)Do not go to the public if you have cold (flu)likesymptoms nor should anybody be near you, stay isolated at home.

Do not interact with family members. Call Ministry of Health help-line 0800-100-066, for assistance.(d)Never touch your mouth, your nose or your eyes with unwashed hands;

4(e)Always wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizers to disinfect your hands; (f)and Always sanitize the surfaces that are used by many people (door-handles, table-tops, chair arm-rests, etc).

All this is quite tiresome and inconvenient. Putting on masks is quite tiresome. However, our Baganda people say: “Asiika obulamu,tassa mukono”.

Here, the rich African languages use the imagery of frying food, saying that when you are “frying life (to keep it), you never relax your arm, unlike when you are frying the real food when you can relax (kuhuumuza) your arm”.

Their Banyankore brothers say: “Amagara,gakira amagana” ─ “life is more important than wealth”.

These comments about Covid-19form part of the 46 pages Statement that I have distributed to all the Members of CEC, NEC and the National Conference. The rest of the Statement covers a summarized version of what will be in our Manifesto.

About Goodluck Musinguzi

Born on 12th March 1979 in Kabale district, South Western Uganda near the Rwanda and Eastern Congo Borders. Started Journalism around 1999, the Kibwetere inferno was a turn around. Entatsi newspaper and Monitor FM were interested in my stories. I covered extensively the Amama Mbabazi-Garuga Musinguzi Parliamentary elections extensively for Monitor Newspaper,Monitor FM, Voice of Kigezi and Entatsi Newspaper. Later I worked with Uganda Radio Network. Newvision gave me opportunity to cover War in Eastern Congo. Did investigation stories. Am now the Chief Executive Officer Kigezi News Agency Limited, we publish for a number of websites in Uganda.

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