Pope Francis to begin week long visit of Africa on wednesday

Ahead of his visit to Africa on Wednesday, Pope Francis has told Madagascar’s people that their holiness is precious.

Pope Francis will begin his 31st apostolic journey on Wednesday when he will be visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius from 6-10 September.

According to the Pope’s official website, the Pope will arrive in the morning in the Madagascan capital Antananarivo, from Maputo, Mozambique on 7 September.

Speaking in Italian, the Pope has sent the people of Madagascar a video message thanking them for their preparation for his visit.

“When I am in Madagascar, even if I can visit only a few places, with prayer, I will reach every one, and I will implore God’s blessing for all,” the Pope says.

The Pope says although Madagascar is famous for it’s natural beauty, there is also another beauty that is more dear to Christ.

That beauty is the holiness of the people to which he says he will be going to confirm in Christ.

Meanwhile observers see the Pope’s visit to two of the world’s poorest countries as a show of solidarity and a sign of care.

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  1. True it’s a sign of care. More blessings pope.

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