Poor Roads paralyze activities in Kabale District

A section of councilors in Kamuganguzi sub county Ndorwa west Kabale district have decried poor roads which has paralyzed means of transport and communication network within the area

According to Katurebe William, a councilor of people with disabilities in Kamuganguzi Sub County, despite passing a ugshs888.6m budget to maintain feeder roads for the Kabale district, many roads in most sub-counties remain impassable. He adds that most of the roads have broken culverts and bridges that have not been repaired for a long time while others don’t even have pipes to channel away water.

The worst road is the 17 km kacwekano to Rubaya Road in kamuganzi and rubaya Sub County Sub-county. Katurebe noted that they have informed the chairperson LC5 Kabale district several times in the council but all in veined.

Tindimurekura Justus, chairperson LC2 Buranga parish in Kamuganguzi sub county complains that the roads are muddy when it rains and extremely dusty when the sun shines. He said the situation is made worse by the district authorities sometimes using soil to cover pot holes on the patchy tarmac roads, allowing mud and dust to characterize the streets during rainy and sunny days respectively.

Muddy road after heavy down pour

Most of the residents are concerned that pot holes have continued to take over the road surface in the town and yet the district authorities do not seem to pay any attention to improve the condition of the roads in the town. Rose Mary, a roadside foodstuffs dealer says that their area becomes too muddy during rainy days making their potential clients shun their goods thereby affecting their sales.

However 100 respondents visited by our reporter indicate that the road users are irked by many factors including the narrow state of the roads, pot holes and poor drainage.The other residents pointed at corruption, weak leadership, and shoddy work and limited funds among some of the causes of the poor road network.

Our reporter couldn’t reach the chairperson LC5 Patrick Besigye Keihwa about the matter after his known personal contacts couldn’t not pass through


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