Get Police and Army out of electoral electoral process, Hon Mwijukye

Hoima Town residents protest what they call unfairness on the part of government through the RDC banning opposition Mp aspirant Asinansi Nyakato from using local Radio stations to air announcements and talk shows. Courtesy Photo

By Frederick Anyone
Deputy RDC Mbarara  Mr Emmy Turyabagyenyi Kateera has defended the
deployment of police at polling station by the government saying people who show support in political campaigns are not the people who vote the

He clarified that in order to curb terrorists and defiance who are suspected of causing chaos and destroying property and even plan of
running away with ballot boxes after learning that their candidates have lost. “This is why it is necessary to deploy police for safety of the
people and property and electoral materials,’ he said

He said the Uganda Police Force and UPDF do their work professionally because they don’t have the mandate to force or interfere with the voting system as they did in Rukungiri in the by-election where the opposition won the vote openly regardless of heavy deployment of
security personnel.

He said the laws are there and no security enforcer in Uganda should force any voter on who to vote for thus calling upon the public to have their mindset changed, urging organizations and the electoral commission to
emphasize civic sensitization programs which are very critical in electoral processes and reforms.
Kateera was speaking at one symposium  conducted at Pelican hotel in Kiswahili Kakoba division Mbarara.

He was responding to Hon Francis Mwijukye who explained to the meeting that heavy deployment of security personnel was not necessary because on national poling day the security forces are thin on the ground yet people vote peacefully.

He said electoral constables were sufficient in organising the voters in lines like it was in the past. He castigated the heavy deployment of military hardware during elections especially during by-elections where they ruling party is not sure of victory. When you see what happened in Arua, Bugiri, Rukungiri and Sheema you would think there was going to be war.

The participants at the meeting want t electoral reforms take place thus rejecting  the idea of chasing cameras and mobile telephones away from polling stations that can capture picture and videos to provide evidence for future reference. However Deputy RDC Turyabagyenyi said the ideology behind is for security purposes on the voters when making decision on voting.

The NRM secretary Hon Kasule Lumumba yesterday also rejected the proposal of chasing cameras from poling stations concurring with majority of Ugandans who want the cameras to stay.

“As a party we have nothing to hide, let the elections be as transparent as possible. The cameras will actually prove the process transparent,” she told the press on the sidelines of the Caucus meeting.

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