Ntungamo FDC worried over parallel structure in the party.

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The forum for democratic change party FDC President Eng Patrick Oboi Amuriat has downplayed the existence of two centres of power existing in the party as  healthy  for the party as they are playing different roles but shooting in the same goal of capturing power and removing the dictatorship.

The former presidential candidate runs an office at Katonga Road where he heads the “Peoples Government”he  while Eng Amuriat the party president runs another office at Najjanankumbi which is the party headquarters.

Speaking on September 1 2019 at the inauguration of the Ntungamo District  People’s assembly meeting at Embassy Tours hotel in Ntungamo town, Eng Amuriat said while the two have kept independent structures both at national and grass root level, these have been intertwined to make a bigger force much prepared to take the government at any time. This he said has eliminated misunderstandings and clashes and built more formidable grassroot structures.

He was answering worries raised by some of the district FDC leaders that the Peoples’ government  could be swallowing the FDC party seeking distinction between the two.

“When Dr Besigye started the People’s government, people said he wanted to take the party, I want to tell you this is not the case. The People’s government is helping us build structures better. The government has its structures so does the party. There is no way I have interfered with Dr Besigye’s work and neither has he interfered with to us at Najanankumbi”, he said.

He said the FDC has continued to recruit more members especially from the ruling NRM despite being blocked from accessing the electorates however saying the clandestine work of the People’s government has aided them cover at least 95% of the entire country in the recent tours to inaugurate district assemblies.

The People’s government is a mock central government structure formed in 2016 following a contested presidential election that saw Dr Besigye claiming he won the vote. It creates a central and decentralized structure from the National level, regional level, district, county, sub county, parish and village assemblies that are governing councils of the surreptitious mobilization structures.

The former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye asked the people to overcome fear and financial seduction from the ruling government by not rejecting the money given to them but not doing what the money is intended to change.

“This should be more clear now, the fight we are on is to control and resource ownership, that the resources can be controlled by the Ugandans, not the power of the guns the norm is now that whoever has the guns creates fear in the people and controls resources but we want to have the people to control the guns so that they too can control the wealth of the country. Don’t reject the money they give you, receive it but show them that you are mature enough,” he said.

The FDC secretary for mobilization Ms Ingrid Turinawe asked the party loyalists to form self help associations that would make them meet more often, mobilize resources to help their families and their communities but also mobilize for strengthening of the party in the district.

Several speakers asked Dr Besigye and the team to intensify more national mobilization for the party to increase readiness of the country to takeover governance after President Museveni has been defeated.


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