NGO firms to be deregistered

Kabale district is to deregister all organizations dealing in Children Affairs without minimum requirements.

Muhumuza Monica probation officer Kabale explains that several children in the district have fallen victims to fake organizations hence want to abolish this matter.

Records at the district probation office show that Kabale district has over 300 vulnerable children and only 10 NGOs dealing with orphans and vulnerable children.

Speaking to our reporter today in exclusive interview Muhumuza says that they have realized that some of the organizations claim to be orphanages yet their intention is to defraud and leaving the children to suffer. She blames the mess of the emergency of many fake children organizations in the Kabale to lack of supervision by government bodies responsible for registering them.

She added that most of the valuable children in Kabale district suffers neglect by parents, orphaned by the death of one or both parents, living in extreme poverty, living with a disability, abused by parents or their carers and malnourished due to extreme poverty

Muhumuza further said that district has started sensitization in different sub counties thru community development officers (CDO) to educate the public against the life of vulnerable children and how it can be eliminated in the district.

She also noted that after deregistering the all organizations dealing in Children Affairs they will verify the right ones and look way forward to those children who will be in unauthorized organization.

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