Nairobi man washes clothes to provide for sick wife and children

By: Linda Shiundu


Health and Wellness Sometimes in life, we experience unexpected situations that leave us discouraged and question God’s intentions for our life but through faith we soldier on to face another day.

For Gideon Weru, everything was going on well for his neat family of four until one day his wife fell while at work leaving her bedridden and depending on her husband for everything.

Weru said the mother of his two children, Rosaline Wawira was working at a construction site when she fell down sustaining spinal injury. Weru said the mother of his two children, Rosaline Wawira was working at a construction site when she fell down sustaining spinal injury. “We left the house as usual for work and when we arrived at the construction site, we started work at our respective stations and at around 11am she fell down while carrying sand,” narrated Weru.

Weru was called from his station and told Wawira had already been taken to Thika Level 5 Hospital where he found her in a state that broke his heart. Determined to get his wife better treatment, he paid for an ambulance to transfer her to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where she was treated and discharged after four months. Having injured her C5 vertebra at the spinal cord, Wawira became paralysed and could do anything for herself and left to depend on her husband to even change her diaper. “My wife can not do anything for herself, she can not turn or feed herself, I do all that for her. She also uses a diaper and catheter and I do all that for her, I always pray to God to give me the patience to stay with her,” said Weru.

The father of two has sacrificed everything for the sake of his wife and children, opting to clean clothes for other people in order to take care of his ailing wife and children. “I started washing clothes because the construction site is far and I can not leave my wife on her own, I decided i will let the women in my area to let me wash clothes for them or fetch water for them to provide for my family,” he said Weru stays with his wife, cooks for her and their children, helps her to turn on her bed after every two hours, cleans and to takes her out of their house when she needs to get some sunshine.

Apart from washing clothes, Gideon does other menial jobs in his neighbourhood just to make ends meet for his family. By washing clothes Weru makes between KSh 200 and KSh 300 and the total amount he gets depends on the number of clients he gets. He however says that sometimes, he fails to get washing jobs and hence does not get money to take care of his family but never loses hope.

On her part, Wawira said she has seen her husband’s love for her is real and she is praying that she gets well so that they continue with their life as usual. Just like his marriage vows requires of him, Gideon says he will be there for his wife to the end and urges Kenyans to pray for them.

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