Museveni urges leaders to be faithful as the path to building trust

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President Museveni has urged leaders to keep being faithful in both big and small matters as the only way to keep the trust they have been placed in by both God and people.

The president made the remarks at today’s national prayer breakfast.

The president took on the mantle to address leaders on keeping a clean track record in light of the gruesome struggles that the African continent suffered at the hands of colonial masters back in the age.

Museveni believes that when leaders keep a good record in small affairs, their chances at bigger opportunities become straight forward.

The president also believes that untrustworthy leaders are Africa’s main problem.

“Do not be corrupt. Do not agree to take a bribe. I have never taken or accepted a bribe from anyone,” he says.

“You are given a little trust, you abuse it. How then will you gain bigger trust from God?

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  1. This is a fair piece of advice but to unbelievers.

  2. Very few mind about keeping clean record.They aim at enriching themselves

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