Museveni promises Crime preventers financial assistance

President Museveni launching National Wealth Creators Union at Lugogo Indoor Stadium. Courtney photo

By Otushabire Tibyangye

President Yoweri Museveni has promised to help crime preventers financial assistance since they have organised themselves into National Wealth Creators’ union forum during their general meeting at Lugogo indoor stadium on September 26.

The group has both professionals like: Teachers, ICT, Engineers, among others and none professional, which he said was good because it gives the government an idea of how it can contribute to such groups.

“For instance, if the engineers form a Sacco, then we can support them, the same happens to all the other professionals and non professionals,” he said.

He said the last time when Nagirinya was kidnapped if there was enough manpower of ICT despite the police officers having been asleep the kidnappers would have been got.

Last time when my Muzukulu Nagirinya was kidnapped, the police officers at the CCTV centre were sleeping, they only woke up to retrieve images. We still need a lot of ICT people to work with police. They can work for police at no pay but we can support them economically through their Saccos. If there are doctors among the crime preventers, they can help us detect fake drugs, he said.

He say the other group that is comprised of non professionals can still help detect crime with some little training. This specific category can work with the army as a reserve force. These should be mainly young people without other obligations, once trained, they can return and receive half-pay as a reserve force.

Government can not afford to pay all crime preventers but we can help finance their different projects to get them out of poverty. Towards general elections of 2016 the then Inspector General of police Gen Kare Kaihura told the country had close to 10 million Crime preventers. He promised to discuss with the leaders on how the proposals can move forward.

The meeting was attended by the crime preventer leaders from the whole country

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