Museveni gives police two days ultimatum to get rid of city gangs

President Museveni has weighed in on the issue of city gangs that are terrorising people around Kampala.

In a message delivered in a letter and also circulated on various social media platforms, the president refers to the instigators of house break ins in the city as pigs and orders police to get rid of the problem in two days.

“Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu. In a few days, I will get time to respond to your earlier responses. However, for today, I will only comment on the pigs that are attacking People with pangas and mitayimbwa (steel- bars) and robbing them,” the president says on his official twitter account.

” I have given 2 days to Commander Sabiiti of the Police to come out with a plan to combat these gangs. The IGP is away in Peru for a meeting. I will look at that plan, comment on it and it will, then, be communicated to all of you,” adds Museveni.

” It is easy to defeat these gangs. Their crimes will only add to the credit of the NRM because we are going to defeat them. Yet, the People have already seen the bankruptcy and the criminality of these groups and those who back them.”

Sabiiti has two days to come up with a plan to combat gang violence around Kampala.

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  1. Yes these people are terrorising us in the city,grab our bags thus making us fear moving around freely. Try all ways and curb this problem

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