Museveni clocks 75 years of age today

Museveni whose exact date of birth hinges on speculation and historical accounts from the year 1944 marks every September 15th as his birth day.

Museveni was born on September 15th, 1944 in Rukungiri and his family migrated to Ntungamo.

His father was Mzee Amos Kaguta (1916-2013), a cattle herder, and mother, Esteri Kokundeka Nganzi, a house wife.

He is a Musiita by tribe.

In his second edition of Sowing the Mustard Seed published in 2016, Museveni talks about three people having helped him know when he was exactly born.

Museveni says his mother Esteeri Kokundeka placed his birthday three months before the mass vaccination of cattle, ekikatu, and of notching cattle ears, ishara matu.

The president goes on to say the veterinary doctor who took part in the vaccination helped him get the year.

The president says Serugyendo, a Mufumbira from Kisoro was a godsend who he invited to Rwakitura to help with the details of his birth.

“The vaccination in Ntungamo took place between the 24 and 28 of November 1944,” the president writes in Sowing the Mustard Seed, 2nd edition.

The president further says another old woman Tophus Bwankuuku told him another account.

The woman told the president, he writes, that she and her husband used to live in a parish next to theirs.

Bwankuuku had undertaken okwangama– temporarily left her marital home over a small disagreement- and had come to stay at her in law’s home.

At about this time, Bwankuuku says Museveni’s mother took to hospital to deliver and it was in September.

The president hence concluded September 15th is his birth day.

Although it is claimed he was born in Mbarara Hospital, the president laments poor documentation and record keeping for lack of birth certificates.

“What a shame for somebody who was born in a government hospital to fail to know his date of birth, all on account of faulty record keeping and storage,” he laments.

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