Mugisha Muntu’s ANT Party marks 2 months

Mugisha Muntu’s ANT Party marks 2 months

We celebrate two months since ANT was launched on 22nd May 2019 at Serena.

Mugisha Muntu during ANT opening at Serena in 2019

Because of the magnitude of the problem we have in this country, people expect us to have created a serious impact by yesterday.

Some could have started doubting us though many have their high hopes in us.

The experience in these two months has given me confidence that we shall transform this country.

As a party we have concentrated much on building our internal capabilities & planning (which are not physical) but it’s the unseen that gives birth to the seen.

A mansion, a road, a phone, a skyscraper, a vehicle or any amazing thing you see started as an idea.

Even the most powerful or rich people you see started as an idea!

It starts in the spiritual world before getting seen in the physical world.

Even when God created the world, he used the word (kigambo) the word can’t be touched or seen but its by it that the world stands.

Building consensus, strategic planning, drawing strategy & harmonising positions internally as a party is better than going on TV to make pronouncements simply for headlines.

Whereas it may be working for others, we feel it won’t work for us.

So for our ANT supporters and sympathisers we are on track. We are preparing a good meal for you which will be served to you when its ready and you will surely enjoy it!

May God bless you

People first new future

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