By Goodluck Musinguzi

Government of Uganda is replacing old mosquito nets that were distributed in 2018 in a bid to eradicate malaria disease which is the number one killer disease.

From(6th of December) is the day Mosquito Net distribution for West Nile was flagged off in Kampala under the 4th wave of malaria campaign campaign. 30 Districts will be served in West Nile and Northern Uganda

Make sure you use a Mosquito net, In 2019, an estimated 46% of all people at risk of malaria in Africa were protected by an insecticide treated net, compared to 2% in 2000. However, net coverage has been at a standstill since 2016

In Zombo District, The district Operations Supervisor Mr. Otudeku Ezra, DHO – Dr. Mark Bonny Bramali and the RDC Mr. Andrew Kajoyingi addressed the sub county Task Force on the “Under the Net Campaign Ug” as they prepare to start net distribution.

Earlier, Village Health Teams in Omoro district received equipment which they are going to use during the FREE mosquito net distribution that will commence this Saturday in Omoro District.

Abanga Sub county Task Force, Zombo district headed by SAS Mr. Munguryek Fred Kermu smartly dressed in the Under the Net T-Shirt Campaign after the training. Let’s contribute to a Malaria free Uganda.

Mosquito nets arrived in Westnile region of Arua and Koboko districts. All is set for the distribution according to Halimah Nambalirwah one of the officials overseeing the exercise.

Earlier, we reported to show the Malaria disease burden in West Nile.

A survey involving 900 children aged 0 -59 months(5 years) were classified in two tests as having malaria using Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT) and microscopy.

Under Rapid Diagnostic 50% of 459 Children were found to be with Malaria while 21.8% of 459 had malaria after using microscopy tests.

The 2018-19 Uganda Malaria Indicator Survey (UMIS) was implemented by the National Malaria Control Division (NMCD) and Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

Data collection took place from 11 December 2018 to 31 January 2019. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), and the Government of Uganda with Global Fund support coordinated the successful implementation of the survey through technical or financial support.

44 percentage of children were found with fever in the two weeks preceding the survey.

85.6 percentage of children were found with malaria for whom advice or treatment was sought, 70.0 Percentage for whom advice or treatment was sought the same or next day, 49.6 Percentage who had blood taken from a finger or heel for testing , 184 number of Children

93.5 of women aged 15-49 years agreed with specific statements about malaria, “I sleep under a bed net every night because it is the best way to avoid getting malaria.

96.0 percentage of women said “I can easily hang a mosquito net”.

89.6 of women agreed with statement “Pregnant women should still take the medicine that is meant to keep them from getting malaria even if they sleep under nets every night”.

98.6 of mothers said, “I take the entire course of malaria medicine to make sure the disease will be fully cured”.

98.4 said “It is important to take a child to a health provider the same or next day after the child gets a fever”.

Only 75.3% of women agreed that , “My community is able to come together to take action to prevent malaria among its members”.

539 Mothers agreed to take part in the survey that has helped Ministry of Health to develop different interventions.

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