Malema apologizes to Africa over Xenophobia attacks

By Our Reporter

South Africa’s opposition politician Julius Malema has come out to condemn the displays of violence against foreign nationals and apologized to Africa.

“We are sorry, please forgive us for attacking our fellow Africans, find in your heart to forgive us because we are coming from a violent past,” he said

The xenophobic attacks had resulted in retaliation from other African countries including Nigeria and Zambia.

Addressing a press briefing,he condemned attacks on fellow blacks. Speaking at an Economic Freedom Fighters press briefing, Malema criticised those who targeted fellow Africans. “When you are done with foreigners, you will come for the Tsongas. You will say, we don’t have jobs because of Zulus they must go back to KwaZulu Natal, because of Xhosa’s, they must go back to EC. You will start turning on each other,” he said

He called for unity, distancing both himself and his party from the ongoing violence. “We are saying to our fellow African brothers and sisters, it is not all of us. We are not South Africans, we are Africans. We make no apology to side with the victims of xenophobic and Afrophobic attacks. We see ourselves in them,”he added.

He applauded various performers who cancelled upcoming shows in South Africa due to the xenophobia on display for taking such a bold stand. Many performers who had booked to perform in South Africa cancelled upcoming shows in South Africa due to the xenophobia. “The anger in the continent is justifiable, what do you want them to do? To give us roses for killing their brothers and sisters?” He issued a heartfelt apology to the continent, which he says is the only home for Africans. “Find it in your hearts to forgive us. We are sorry. We are ashamed. Forgive us. We come from a traumatic past and we are still struggling to find ourselves,” the firebrand leader added.

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