Makerere University students showcase new strike tactics as they protest ‘cumulative tuition policy’

In a new style, Makerere University students this morning showcased a different approach to striking with the front line being led by an all female set of players.

The new format means the usual heavy handedness of police in responding to riots has to be rethought as security seek to quell protests at the campus.

The protests that found police personnel caught between a rock and hard place in terms of response were organised by one Siperia Mollie, the Guild Representative Councillor for the School of Psychology .

The all black T-shirt girls’ crew was intercepted at the university main gate.

The group intended to march through town to the office of the President of Uganda where they intended to petition the fountain of honor on the plight of “poor students that will not be able to afford tuition in five years.”

The cumulative tuition policy calls for a 15% increase in tuition of every first year batch that joins the university for a period of 5 years. The goal, according to the framers of the policy, is to raise tuition by a total of 75% in five years.

The policy was passed by the university council last year on recommendation of a special committee that was set up by the Guild Speaker then, Isaac Kwagala and supervised by the Guild President, Papa Were Salim.

“That policy will transform admissions at Makerere University,” one law student ranted. We joined the university when we were paying just 1.26 M for tuition but in five years, a law student will be paying over 3.4 M in tuition alone – without functional fees” he added.

The striking students were intercepted by military Police at the university main gate and over 15 of them were arrested and taken to several Police Stations around Kampala Metro. We wait for their next move.

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