Makerere suspends Guild Female Caucus Leader over tuition strikes amid tension at University

Tension is building at Makerere University with a heavy military presence as the university struggles to contain a fluid situation of tuition strikes that rocked the campus the whole of Tuesday.

The tense atmosphere has seen the university expel one of its most influential students, Siperia Mollie Saasiraabo for her role in causing the strikes to happen.

Saasiraabo was arrested yesterday when Police intercepted a group of female students who were marching out of the university main gate to the president’s office to petition him over an unpopular 15% tuition increment policy.

The now expelled Saasiraabo has been the university’s 85th head of the 85th Guild Female Caucus.

In 2018, Makerere University approved a 15% annual tuition increment for the next five years that many students feel has caused their colleagues fail to complete their studies.

Saasiraabo has told media that she received a suspension letter from the Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabus Nawangwe accusing her of inciting violence and causing anarchy.

Meanwhile, Saasiraabo’s colleagues were issued with serious warning letters about their conduct.

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  1. EeeMakerere oyeeeeeee.
    Eeee Nawangwe zeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Let the board address students’ issues instead of chasing them with black mambas.

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