Many Ugandans and Foreigners have lodged complaints at the Land Probe Commission in Kampala but one particular case has broken a record by the number of government officials involved.

Two Indian Investors are claiming the same prime land located at the Source of River Nile Bridge. The Subject land is comprised in LRV 3852, Folio 22, plot 24 b, Kyabazinga Way, measuring 5.535 hectares, Jinja District, Eastern Uganda.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appointed Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to head other six Commissioners to investigate the century old problem of land in Uganda. At the climax of hearings in the Jinja Land wrangle a cabinet Minister appealed to Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to bring together all named in one place for soul searching.

Two Cabinet Ministers, A Member of Parliament, District and Municipality leaders, technical personal have appeared before Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and 6 other Commissioners to tell their side of the story.

Hon Evelyn Anite, the State Minister of Investments and Privatization whose letter sparked off illegalities requested Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to help country know the truth because a lot of lies, denials, corruption have a bearing on the investment atmosphere in Uganda.

When Thummar Patel appeared before the Commission, he said that he did not meet Hon Evelyn Anite personally to discuss plot 24b Kyabazinga way.

Anite surprised said “I didn’t discuss plot 24b Kyabazinga way specifically but I met him and Hon Grace Moses Balyeku in my office that is why I referred them to the minister of Lands to give them land”.

Anite said Hon Balyeku first met her introducing the investor but insisted on meeting him too.

“ Hon. Moses Balyeku came to my office and told me about him,two days later, he came with the investor and showed him to me. Since I realized I did not have land to give him, I wrote to Hon. Betty Amongi to facilitate the investor. One must have 250,000 dollars to get an investment licence which he had”.

Asked whether there was extra due diligence done? Hon. Anite said Hon. Betty Amongi has not yet responded to my letter to tell me that she gave the investor land in Jinja.

 Commission told a visibly shocked Minister that  When Thummar Patel appeared to it said he did not have a business plan and no budget for the mall. Which other Ministry could have been brought on board?

Hon. Anite said Ministry of trade should have been brought on board after the land was found but the Minister of Lands decided to handle it in her way.

There are always forces that come to corrupt the system. I feel I have a duty to this nation. Up to today UTL, Kilembe mines issues have not been resolved and because of that I get death threats. There are mafias who move in a syndicated way and connive to rob Uganda, Hon Anite said.

Hon Anite appealed to the Land Probe Commission to call all concerned parties in one place so that this case is concluded.

“I thank Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and Land probe Commission for listening to all of us and wish that you continue to investigate many cases that have failed investment in Uganda”.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has reached out to everyone mentioned so that they clear their names. She has been fair to all that came to give evidence, however some have resigned.

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  1. Thankx the Uganda land probe commission for digging out those irregularities

  2. What an issue that has showed us what always happens behind curtains. Thankx Bamugemereire.

  3. God will always guide her on how to deal with different people in different situations .

  4. God will always guide her on her to deal with different in different offices. Big people are busy grabbing land for the poor .

  5. What a mess our leaders are doing !!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for your persistence in bringing us this land story. The world needs to know what our leaders are doing no matter how!

  7. May God bless Justice Catherine Bamugemereire

  8. This last is God given…I appreciate her alot!..That’s what we call a Strong Women .With you land issues may become history here in Uganda.Keep it up my beautiful Lady Justice and yr team.

  9. This woman has done a significant had become a menace but now some people fear “Bamugemereire will handle you”.

  10. I adore that woman of God. Thank you judge and team for the great work

  11. Why is this commission more interested in government land matters? They should think about family issues also because there is a lot happening in our villages.

    • Ruth your right some districts were not visited and those that were visited the complaints forwarded by individuals have not been looked at u hear them register your complaints with investigators you wait until people are killed.

    • Tell them I don’t understand these people’s work.just moving around wasting our taxes when people are killing themselves and having sleeplessness night. What’s that report your to write for?solve the issues there and then and we appreciate but now noooo.

    • They have listened to many cases involving families, helped many through mediation.

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