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Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health is returning to Lira Regional Referral Hospital to launch 10 ICU beds and other two at Lira University. She served at this hospital as its Executive Director before she was appointed Director General of Health Services later to Minister of Health.

She has led the Top Management of Ministry of Health to Lango Sub-region on a supportive supervision intervention aimed at strengthening the health system, enable health workers to offer quality services and improve performance.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic came to the country, the physical and psychological well-being of health workers has been tested as patients of Covid-19 increase and their colleagues get infected.

Hon Aceng said they are moving around the country to make sure they talk to health workers and listen to them.

“As part our routine support supervision activities of health service delivery with MOH top management, we are in Lango Region this week. This entails assessment of infrastructure, interaction with health workers and district leadership to improve health services”, said Hon Aceng

Lira Regional Referral Hospital implements five sub-programmes, namely: Services (Sub-programme one),Internal Audit (Sub-programme
two),Maintenance (Sub-programme three) and two development Sub programmes (Lira Rehabilitation Referral Hospital-Project 1004 and Institutional Support to Lira Regional Referral Services-Project 1477).

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary who makes sure money is available.

Lira Regional Referral Hospital Services Programme was allocated Ug shs 9.5billion, of which
Ug shs 4.9billion (52%) was released and Ug shs 3.9billion (80%) spent by 31st December 2019.

The hospital achieved 67% of the planned semi-annual outputs but government continue to send good money to improve on its capacity.

The hospital achieved three out of six development outputs. Mattresses and all medical equipment were procured as planned; however, construction of the staff house, which carried a bulk of the funds (over a billion) was behind schedule.

The hospital registered good performance in terms of medical services, two outputs were achieved beyond target (diagnostic investigations and outpatients attendances), while the rest were fairly achieved.

Lira Referral Hospital Services: The sub-programme was allocated Ug shs 8billion, of which Ug shs 4.1billion was released and Ug shs 3.5billion spent by 31st December 2019.

The hospital achieved the following under the sub-programme. Diagnostic services at 77%, Inpatient attendances at 31%, outpatient attendances at 59%, prevention and rehabilitation services at 27% and immunisation services 26%.

Availability of laboratory reagents and functional equipment contributed to good performance of diagnostic investigations under medical services.

A number of patients continued to seek services from the general
outpatient department due to lack of specialists in the specialised clinics of the hospital.

Lira Rehabilitation Referral Hospital Project (1004): The project was allocated Ug shs 1.48billion, of which Ug shs 832million was released and Ug shs 434million spent by 31st December 2019. The hospital planned two development outputs and were all behind schedule.

These were:Internal, mechanical, electrical, and external works completed for the staff houses under construction: M/S Block Technical Services undertook works at a cost of Ug shs 2,740,800,855 for a period of 18months ending January 2020.

Cumulatively, the contractor achieved 70% of the planned works and was behind schedule. The contractor achieved 30% in the first half of FY 2019/20. Pending works included:: roofing, internal and external
finishes windows and doors, mechanical and electrical works among others.

Perimeter wall constructed (Phase I): M/s Omegan Jap Enterprises undertook works at a sum of Ug shs 346,652,872 and supervised by 2ambe Company Uganda Limited at Ug shs 37.9million.

The two contracts were signed on 26th November 2019 and implementation to be undertaken within 12 months (end by 20th March 2020). The scope included demolitions, site clearance, erecting poles, installation of razor wire and construction of concrete boundary wall.

Physical progress estimated at 30%. The contractor was paid 30% of the contract sum, while the consultant was paid 40% upon submission of the BoQs, architectural drawings,and technical specifications.

Institutional Support to Lira Regional Referral Hospital (Project 1477): The annual project allocation was Ug shs 138million, 100% was released and spent by 31st December 2019.

The hospital achieved all the planned outputs by 100%. These included: A 75 vertical autoclave and seven sets of solar lights procured from M/s St Jude Electrical and Medical Equipment at 24.7million and 70million respectively. The equipment was delivered, installed and in use.

The hospital procured 100 mattresses covered by mackintosh from M/s Hadaway Holdings Limited at Ug shs 15million. These were delivered and in use. M/s Oyam Construction and Trading Co. Limited at a sum of Ug shs 23.1million supplied water-harvesting equipment including a water pump, two plastic tanks, gutters and diverted drainage channels and water
lines along the JICA OPD project in September 2019.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng will be celebrating alot as government has invested billions of shillings in the Referral Hospital.

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