Kenzo threatens never to perform again in Uganda, Ugandans petition Muslim Supreme over Sheik Muzaata

A group of Ugandans under ‘’ have continued their drive to amass a maximum of 200 votes to petition the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council over renown cleric Sheikh Muzaata over his comments against Eddy Kenzo during Rema’s ‘kukyaala’ ceremony on October 9th.

Muzaata railed Eddy Kenzo, a popular musician over his way of handling the relationship he had with fellow artist and mother of his daughter Rema Namakula.

Muzaata who was speaking on behalf of Rema’s family during the ‘visit’ by her new lover Dr Hamza blasted Kenzo for exhibiting unmanly character by refusing to wed Rema when they were together.

Muzaata is alleged to have told Kenzo to marry his mother instead, something that has deeply hurt him since his mother died many years back.

As a result, Kenzo has vowed never to set foot on a stage to perform in Uganda unless Muzaata apologises publicly to him.

It is said earlier, the renown cleric wrote a letter of apology to Kenzo that the singer is not satisfied with.

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