Unnamed Policeman seen on Jinja road appealing to road users to put on their masks.

By Goodluck Musinguzi

Uganda confirmed 318 COVID-19 positive cases in one day more than Kenya when it recorded 307 on 1st July 2020. Since then Kenya has moved to 32,000 positve cases and 542 death a number that is worrying.

At this rate, infections will overwhelm Uganda’s health care system according to Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health. The cumulative total confirmed cases of Ugandans is now 2,263. In two months if nothing is done to stop the virus from spreading it can infect close to 30,000 people.

As the Minister of Health, Hon Jane Ruth Aceng was announcing the highest number of cases confirmed in a single day in the country since the first Covid19 case was reported on 21st March 2020, some Ugandans posted their doubt on social media,
Ivy Brenda Rotich, the first Covid-19 patient in Kenya left hospital in April after treatment.

Ms Rotich was vilified on social media as someone supposedly sent to the media by the government to convince Kenyans that Covid-19 was real, and to keep donor funding flowing, ostensibly for the containment of the virus.
At the time Covid-19 was still considered a foreigner’s disease and Africans were falsely thought by some to be resistant to it.

Kenyans have started believing that COVID-19 kills but the damage is big to be reversed.

The breakdown of the cases in Uganda is as follows; Amuru Prisons: 154 (153 inmates, 1 prison staff)

Contacts and Alerts (136); Kampala -65, Kiryandongo-14, Gulu-9, Mbarara-9, Kitgum-8, Arua-8, Wakiso-7, Mbale-4, Buikwe-4, Masaka-2, Bugiri-1, Jinja-1, Luweero-1, Manafwa 1, Masindi 1, Mityana 1
Health workers (20): Kitgum 9, Kampala 6, Arua 2, Adjumani 1, Kiryandongo 1, Luweero 1

Truck drivers (8): Malaba 3, Busia 2, Mpondwe 1, Oraba 1, Madi Opei 1.
The dead is a 49 year old male from Mbale District, bringing the total cumulative COVID-19 deaths to 20 and 2,166 Covid19 cases.

Olaro Charles, Director Health Services- Clinical/ Senior Consultant Surgeon says In this phase of increasing COVID 19 community transmission it is up to each of us to protect ourselves and follow the prevention guidelines.

Many Countries that have lost hundreds or thousands of people due to coronavirus reported the first, second death and turns into a statistic of people losing their loved ones.

As the killer disease starts to move silently normally life is normal until its sends a shock wave across the country.

A video showing young people in a bar somewhere in the suburb of Kampala City asking “what’s COVID?

‘We don’t know corona.’ surfaced after news of the second covid-19 death was announced in Uganda.

Two women aged 34 and 80 years are the first to die after four months when more than 1,100 plus patients have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

We shall remember the last week of July 2020 when we lost the first covid-19 patients in a country that had held at bay the spread of the deadly disease that has threatened the world.

When Covid-19 death increases the virus spreads so first and kills people in close groups families, villages, towns and cities. In Uganda’s case the early warning shot indicates the young and old are at risk.

The Ministry of Health has come out with messages of hope, reminding people to do their part and avoid complacency.

However, a simple survey on the streets of Kampala City shows most people think Covid-19 is not there, don’t believe the death reported are true. Upcountry life remains normal as most of the people think its a Kampala problem.

Dr Diana Atwine , the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health says Covid-19 is real , let us live responsibly and observe all the guidelines. Let us help to save our lives by preventing covid-19 spread.

President Yoweri Museveni addressed the Nation in June warning the worst of coronavirus pandemic was coming to Uganda.

“We are, therefore, entering a more dangerous phase. Previously, the problem was from the returnees from abroad, from the drivers and from those who pass through the porous borders from the neighboring countries. However, with the re-opening of the public transport and the movement of private cars, we are beginning to get cases of people who are positive but whose source of infection you cannot easily trace”.

President Museveni added If somebody picked the infection in a bus or a taxi where people were not observing the SOPs, how will you easily trace those who were in the bus or taxi with him or her?

Therefore, our scientists have been tasked to audit all the remaining restrictions and advise. In particular, some of the stakeholders have been petitioning the leadership to, more or less, completely re-open all the activities of the country. Whenever I get such requests, I refer them to the scientists.
European Soccer Fans arrested in Kampala defying SOPs recommended by Ministry of Health

As Ugandans debate whether the government is telling them the truth about coronavirus ill and death cases, it will kill most Ugandans silently until majority accept the pandemic is with us.

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