By Goodluck Musinguzi

Judith Tukamuhabwa is a go-getter, ambitious, sharp, lethal, clubber, can do anything to achieve her goals.

She seduced the Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali when he offered to mediate between Judith Tukamuhabwa and Reverand Christopher Tugumehabwe in their marital problems at the time.

Judith has entangled three men in the biggest sex scandal involving the Church of Uganda Archbishop. They are Isaac Akamutuha based in the Middle East, Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe a lecturer at Bishop Barham College and Retired Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali.

Friends of Judith say she must be possessed by a spirit meant to destroy the men of God. She is irresistable when you cross her path.

While at Bishop Barham Rugarama in Kabale Municipality she was a socialite and available. Few could tell she was going through domestic violence.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali betrayed his wife Maama Beatrice Ntagali who is going through the most difficult time of her life.

Judith Tukamuhabwa married another man of God(Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe) after the family of Isaac Akamutuha learnt of the marriage plans. Police was deployed at Rugarama Cathedral to stop family members of Isaac Akamutuha who had two children with her.

The marriage of Rev. Tugumenawe, who is a lecturer of Religious Studies at the Kabale based University College was contested by the family of Tukamuhabwa’s estranged husband, Isaac Akamutuha who was working in Abu Dhabi at the time.

The family wanted Tukamuhabwa to first hand them the two children she had with their son. The Reverend was reportedly having an affair with Tukamuhabwa, even when his late wife was alive.

When Tukamuhabwa’s husband and father of her two kids left for Abu Dhabi in September that year, the love birds (Reverand and Tukamuhabwa) made public their intention to get married.

Akamutuhas family took the matter to the Kabale Police Station’s Family Protection Unit, but Rev. Tugumenawe and Tukamuhabwa declined to respond to police summons.

In December 2018, police deployed heavily to secure the wedding that was held at St. Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama in Kabale Municipality.

Police checked and cleared everybody that came in, while those that were not on the guest list were turned away. Police also deployed around the church and along all roads leading to the cathedral.

The couple exchanged their vows at 12:20pm in the service that was presided over the sub dean of St. Peters Cathedral Rugarama, Rev. Geoffrey.

Preaching during the service, Rev. Geoffrey asked the couple to protect their marriage vows. He also asked wives to be faithful and submissive to their husbands if they are to live at peace in their families.

About Goodluck Musinguzi

Born on 12th March 1979 in Kabale district, South Western Uganda near the Rwanda and Eastern Congo Borders. Started Journalism around 1999, the Kibwetere inferno was a turn around. Entatsi newspaper and Monitor FM were interested in my stories. I covered extensively the Amama Mbabazi-Garuga Musinguzi Parliamentary elections extensively for Monitor Newspaper,Monitor FM, Voice of Kigezi and Entatsi Newspaper. Later I worked with Uganda Radio Network. Newvision gave me opportunity to cover War in Eastern Congo. Did investigation stories. Am now the Chief Executive Officer Kigezi News Agency Limited, we publish for a number of websites in Uganda.

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