Jinja MP Responds To Criminal Summons Issued By Land Probe Commission

Hon Grace Moses Balyeku , MP Jinja West has finally accepted to appear before Hon Justice Catherine Bamugemereire led Land Probe Commission to answer allegations against him plot 24 B that’s being fought for by two Indian Investors.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire issued criminal summons after Hon Moses Balyeku refused to appear even when several summons were issued. He is wanted to provide evidence on the transfer of Plot 24.

“Tomorrow, I will meet Justice Bamugemereire’s @LandInquiry2017 to shed clarity on the Kyabazinga way land adjacent the New Nile bridge, Jinja.
In our relentless effort towards national development & job/opportunities creation, we expect challenges, but rely on facts, and abide by relevant laws to achieve our mission”, Balyeku posted on his facebook page yesterday.

A number of leaders from Jinja District have appeared before the Commission on the subject land comprised in LRV 3852, Folio 22, plot 24, Kyabazinga way measuring 5.535 hectares located in Jinja Municipality, Jinja District. These include: Mr. Majid Batambuze, Mayor, Mr. Fred Waisswa, Senior Land Management Officer, Mr. Geoffrey Waidhuba, Deputy Town Clerk, Mrs. Innocent Ndiko Ngobi, Chairperson Jinja District Land Board and Ms. Aisha Kabila, Senior Registrar of Titles, Ministerial Zonal Office.

Mr. Harshad Barot, Chairperson Tirupati Development (U) Limited lodged a complaint on  land comprised in LRV 3852, Folio 22 plot, plot 24, Kyabazinga way measuring 5.535 hectares located in Jinja Municipality, Jinja District.

Barot said the 18 year lease, starting August 2008, could not be effected as part of it was affected by the new bridge construction.

Mr. Harshad’s main complaint is that without Tirupati’s notice, the land was reentered and subsequently allocated to private individuals on freehold offer, while the Tirupati sub-lease was still subsisting.

 Jinja Municipal Council granted Tirupati a sublease on the subject land comprised in LRV 3852, folio 22, plot 24, Kyabazinga way measuring 5.535 hectares located in Jinja Municipality, Jinja District.

 Before Tirupati’s 24 year lease could expire, Jinja District Land Board re-entered the land and subsequently allocated it to private individuals on a freehold offer.

 Although Mr. Majidu Batambuze, the Mayor Jinja Municipal Council wrote to the town clerk, querying the land allocation to Mr. Thummar Jay Mangala Patel, the Mayor’s advice was ignored and the later granted a freehold offer.

Mr Majid Batambuze, Mayor Jinja Municipality.

“We will cancel the title. Jinja District Leadership never sat in a meeting to approve of it, Jinja Municipal Council has distanced itself from it, the physical planning rules were not followed, it is marred with Fraud and Irregularities, it was erroneously issued and therefore it is null and void.” Aisha Kabira Kalikumutima, Senior Registrar of titles, Jinja District.

Mr. Kitimbo Robert Godfrey, 43 years, resident of Maggwa, Jinja Municipal, appeared before the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters Chaired by Hon. Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire.

Mr Robert Kitimbo Former Secretary Jinja District Land Board

 He appeared as a witness on subject land comprised in LRV 3852, Folio 22, plot 24, Kyabazinga way measuring 5.535 hectares, Jinja District.

Mr. Kitimbo Robert, former Secretary Jinja District Land Board and Municipal Surveyor, without any board sitting issued the fraudulent Land Board minute that granted Thummar Jay Mangalal Patel free hold, while the lease to Jinja Municipal Council and the sub-lease to Tirupati Development (U) Limited were still subsisting.

The Jinja RDC, Mr. Eric Joseph Sakwa, appeared before the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters Chaired by Hon. Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, to testify on subject land comprised in LRV 3852, Folio 22, Plot 24, Kyabazinga way measuring 5.535 hectares Jinja District.

Mr Eric Sakwa, RDC Jinja District

Mr. Sakwa asserted that, “land grabbing in Jinja is a competitive venture carried out by mafias with protection. He highlighted that dealings on the contested land were marred with forgery, irregularities, corruption and inconsistencies. Hon. Moses Balyeku was identified as the person at the centre of the contested land working on behalf of Thummar Mangalal Jay Patel”.

Mr. Sakwa relayed his fears and appealed for security over his life and job. He informed that he has fiercely fought corruption and fraud over public land in Jinja, a case in point being when he saved Spire Road Primary School that was being grabbed. He asserted that he has been getting threats over his life and that some security organs that should be providing him with security have been compromised.

The Commission of Inquiry into Land matters has issued criminal summons for Jinja West Member of Parliament Grace Moses Balyeko over allegations of land grabbing.

MP Balyeku is allegedly accused of influencing the issuance of freehold title over plot 24 B Kyabazinga way in Nalufenya to businessman Thummar Jay Magnalal Patel over running lease of Jinja municipal council and a sub-lease to Tirupati development.

The Commission’s chairperson Catherine Bamugemereire issued the criminal summon after Balyeku snubbed repeated summons by the commission to provide evidence on the transfer of the land, with the last being Tuesday.

Justice Bamugemereire ordered MP Balyeku to appear on August 29th at 9am to defend himself against the numerous allegations labelled against him.

Bamugemereire said the summons will be delivered to MP Balyeku through the speaker of Parliament for him to appear on August 29th at 9 am.

Justice Bamugemereire warned Balyeku of attempting to compromise members of the commission through unnecessary phone saying he must appear with the evidence he wants to tell commissioners on phone at the Commission hearing.

Balyeku and Jinja LCV Chairperson Titus Kisambira have been pinned by more than three witnesses for influencing the land transfer.

Innocent Ndiiko, the Jinja District Land Board Chairperson is among those who implicated the duo for meddling in the land giveaway.

The RDC was testifying in the case where Mr Harshdad Baroti, the proprietor of Turipati Development Uganda Limited, is accusing Jinja Municipal Council of giving his land to Mr Thummar Mangalal Jay Patel. Mr Sakwa also said Mr Abubaker Kirunda, the Jinja senior

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