In fighting between families over burial of Nteyireho, gunned down at Nambirigwa Bridge

The death of Nteyireho Rugyera who was shot together with Tumukunde Merina on Thursday night along the Kampala Entebbe Express Highway has not only brought grief to the Rushegyera family but also sparked a bitter controversy with his mother’s family who are more powerful over where he should be buried.

According to a statement from the Rushegyera Family, they hoped to lay Nteyireho to rest at his mother’s burial place in Kashashari or near his father’s grave in Rwenjeru, Bushenyi.

However, the statement goes on to say that some powerful people on Nteyireho’s mother’s side have dictated to have him buried at his maternal uncle’s home place in Kazo, which goes against their leanage and ancestry customs.

Nteyireho’s mother Joyce (RIP) was first cousin to President Museveni, Gen Salim Saleh and Kajubiri.

His father Martin Rushegyera was a great UPM/NRA collaborator who benefited from the NRA take over in 1986.

He was rewarded with trailers and owned the ‘Chakuku Buses’ back in the day.

Nteyireho’s mother Joyce died almost twenty years ago followed by his father, ten years later.

Nteyireho is from the Abasingo clan who migrated from Rwanda around the 16th century and settled at Kyeibaare, present day Mitooma District.

From Kyeibaare, the clan dispersed to Ntungamo where we find Hon. Yona Kanyomozi’s family, others went to Rwampara Itojo prominent of whom is the late Hon Eriya Kategaya, and others settled at Rweigaga in present day Sheema District such as Hon Ephraim Kamuntu and Katawire and Gwita.

Meanwhile, other members of the Abasingo clan such as Hon Francis Mwijukye, Hon Urban Tibamanya, Prof Tambweki and others went to Buhweju and Ibanda.

Preliminary investigations into Nteyireho’s shooting indicate that he and PC Taremwa Davis have been close friends.

Prior to his death, Nteyireho had requested Taremwa who was on guard duty to escort him to Millennium Hotel in Zana where he had an arrangement with a car dealer named Suubi Robert.

The officer accepted to leave his guard duty at Hidden Treasure Hotel in Entebbe to accompany Nteyireho to Millennium Hotel.

The circumstances surrounding their movement from Millennium Hotel to where the shooting occurred is what investigations seek to delve into.

Meanwhile an officer has been arrested and placed under police custody to help with the investigations.

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