By Goodluck Musinguzi

2020/2021 Presidential Contender Rtd Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has joined many Ugandans to appreciate frontline workers in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.

“I salute in a special way the entire medical fraternity, donors and technical teams in their various categories that have been at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. You have demonstrated that the spirit of our nation is alive and united we stand”, Gen Tumukunde said in a statement.

Lt Gen Tumukunde continued to appreciate the unity in fighting ebola crisis and now Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our concerted efforts regardless of our political, religious and ethnic backgrounds continue to yield fruit under the circumstances just like it did during the Ebola crisis”.

Uganda has been recommended globely for controlling the spead of covid-19 and not registering any death unlike its neighbours in the Great Lakes Region.

Gen Tumukunde talked about his time in Prison at the start of the pandemic

“My Fellow Ugandans,I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for the opportunity availed to me and my colleagues to continue sacrificing for our motherland, the great nation of Uganda. I salute Ugandans from all walks of life and across the political spectrum who haveremained steadfast and stood in solidarity when I was incarcerated. I give special thanks
to our Task force for remaining focused.”.

He added, I also extend my comfort and encouragement over the hardships and ailments endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the struggling families of Kampala and the rest of the country. My special sympathy and empathy go out to the unemployed youth
and women of Uganda.

It has been long since my civil liberties were constrained by the state. I am grateful to my
legal team and the judicial system, that have temporarily helped me regain my freedom. On the
eleventh day of May 2020, my application for bail was granted after fifty-nine days of
solitary confinement in Luzira Maximum prison.

During this confinement, I was continually denied access to my family, legal team, doctors and advisors. I was essentially a prisoner of conscience. Imprisoned because of my difference in political opinion with the establishment. It is not by coincidence that my arrest and subsequent imprisonment happened just eight days after my declaration to contest for the Presidency of this nation.

My imprisonment is a price that I have paid for offering myself for the leadership of this
country. A price that many others have paid and continue to pay for having alternative
views as we attempt to achieve true democracy, rule of law, economic transformation for
all and a peaceful political transition.

At this juncture, I extend an open invitation to all Ugandans to join in the struggle for this
unprecedented peaceful change since independence. My lifelong belief has been in
competition of ideas and tolerance of alternative views.

The soul of my belief is shaped
by the conviction that one must defeat his opponent with superior arguments and
alternative policies not by abuse of law, coercion, suppression and oppression. That has
always been my path and philosophy.

The future, my dear friends, belongs to those who come together for a positive purpose
and we must forge the future we all deserve and desire for our country, despite the
challenges ahead.

I would like to send a message to members of the opposition including those in the ruling
party with alternative views, that all we suffer can be ended through a united front to
achieve change in this country. As we continue to fight this current pandemic, I wish to
remind you that we are six months away from the scheduled general elections of 2021.

Therefore, it matters that all of us take special judicial notice that it is strictly a short time
to objectively sort out the issues that stand before us, especially the obstacles that deny
us a leveled ground to contest and win these coming elections.

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