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Huawei fighting to bring high-speed internet to Canada’s North amid skepticism

In Canada’s Iqaluit , a city of 7,500 residents living just over 300km from the Arctic Circle, a fragile state exists.

A single event can cause mass outage where people can’t send or receive emails, people cant get money out of bank machines , people can’t get groceries at the store according to mayor Madeleine Redfern.

With Huawei’s introduction of high speed internet, Iqaluit will be a unique place from the rest in the North of Canada, a remote region of the country.

For decades, while the rest of Canada has been investing in corporate infrastructure, places like Iqaluit have been in the shadows.

Fixing the problem has become a key promise in the Liberal government’s campaign for re-election in October.

In rural remote areas like Canada’s arctic, companies and governments must spend a lot of money for a relatively small customer base.

While companies may look at the challenge and opt out, Canada Huawei, a company with close ties to the Chinese government sees this as an opportunity.

Huawei Canada announced in July that it will be partnering with local telecommunication companies ICE wireless and Iristel to expand satellite coverage to 70 communities in the North.

Canada’s North is a fighting ground for internet providers.

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