Three killed in Ntungamo, armed robbery attack

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Police in Ntungamo are investigating two consecutive incidences in the district that happened on Monday evening involving Rubaare town businessman who is also head of laity for Rubaare Archdeaconary Church of Uganda killed after being kidnapped from his rented premises.

In another incident, three armed robbers attacked KK traders whole sale and retail shop in central Ntungamo municipality shooting the shop owners before taking away with money.

The Ntungamo district police commander Mr Damian Katwesime confirmed the two incidences however ruling out connection of the two.

“We are investigating the two incidences that happened almost concurrently but appearing rather different. We have some leads and we hope we shall come to the right conclusion.” Mr Katwesime told the press Tuesday evening.

According to Mr Katwesiime, the first incident Mr Enos Kabonera was allegedly kidnapped from his rentals in Rubaare town at around 7:30pm by people who have been known to him basing on eyewitnesses who saw him talk to them before boarding the same vehicle and later strangled from a vehicle. His body was recovered in Nyakisa Ntungamo Sub County on Tuesday morning.

He says police has since arrested the person who earlier handed him money from the rentals who is currently at Rubaare police station to aid in investigations.

Mr Kabonero is one of the richest businessmen in Rubaare town with at least 10 buildings and has big farms of cattle with over 20000 heads. He has also been serving as the head of laity for the Rubaare Archdeaconry Church of Uganda sooth Ankole Diocese.

In a separate incident, in Ntungamo municipality, three armed men attacked the KK traders shop managed by two twin brothers at around 8:30pm ordered the customers who were in the shop to lay heads down before taking charge of the shop. One of the shop keepers escaped through the hind door while the other attempted to disarm the man inside the shop.

As he attempted to disarm the man,, another one shot him in the arm and in the chest missing the heart by few centimeters.

The robbers took all the money from the shop drawer according to Mr Kato amounting to over 4 million shillings. Kakuru who was shot in the incident.

“They had two numberless motorcycles which they had parked in the road behind the shop. The later rode through to Mirama hills road. I pursued them myself using my private vehicle but I could not get any lead. After chasing them, I returned to the scene where we recovered three cartridges and I hope this will enable us get more leads.” Mr Katwesime said.

The robbery incident in the municipality follows a spate of other murders and armed robberies with at least two boda boda cyclists killed and their motorcycles taken, another businessman was also way laid at his gate, put on gun point and robbed of over UShs 30M. There have been other 5 murders in the district according to police sources since the beginning of September.

The Ntungamo Municipality Mayr Mr Jacob Kafureka says the municipal council is to prioritize installation of security cameras in the town next financial year to aid in police investigations and cub increasing crime. Apart from the murders and robberies, there are at least other 20 cases of theft and house-breakings in Ntungamo Municipality alone since the month began. He asked police to increase patrols and more community policing in the town and surrounding areas.

Ntungamo was ranked the 4th highest performer in criminality in the country in the 2018 crime report two places better than the 2017 ranking when it was ranked second. However it was ranked highest in murders still in 2018. Leaders have since called for more effort to bring the statistics down.

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  1. Insecurity is something our leaders should put on their priority list immediately; we are not safe anywhere nowadays.

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