Hassan Ssebuliba, A Gay Student At Makerere University Goes To Exile, Boston Mayor Housing Him Temporarily.

Hunted In Uganda, Welcomed in Boston America, Hassan Ssebuliba a Gay Activists

By Goodluck Musinguzi

Uganda is described as the Pearl of Africa and its people pride themselves as most welcoming, tolerant, Godly,hardworking but not to the Gay Community. While a rebel or killer can be welcomed back in society, a homosexual or lesbian can easily be killed.

Most Reverand Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, the new Church of Uganda Archbishop made fresh vows after taking office that he will never accept gay marriages in the Church.

Like his predecessor, Most Rev Stanley Ntagali put a spirited fight against homosexuality which he called sexual immorality in Uganda and abroad. He declared himself “Arch Enemy” of homosexuality at a church service in Bubare subcounty, Rubanda district(Kigezi region).

Hon David Bahati (right) greeting President Uhuru Kenyatta as Hon Sam Kuteesa looks on.

Hon David Bahati a back bencher Member of Parliament in Uganda, introduced a private member’s bill to strengthen laws against homosexuality on 13th October,2009.

The bill was passed in 2013 with homosexuality offenses being punishable by life imprisonment. The bill attracted condemnation across the globe but President Museveni signed it in 2014.

Hassan Ssebuliba , the former Guild Minister for Postgraduate Students at Makerere University in 2018, a self confessed Gay Activist has been missing since he left school.

On 30th March 2018, he survived being killed by an angry mob in Kamapala accusing him of homosexuality. He was accused and his colleagues of organizing gay parties around Wandegeya a town near Makerere University.

Posters calling on the community to harm Hassan Ssebuliba were distributed in his neighborhood,

“Warning, warning Ssebuliba we don’t want to see you again in the neighborhood. You have caused pain to the young people by promoting same sex relationships, you’re a menace and danger to our society. We shall deal with you accordingly, find and kill Hassan Omusiyazi(translated gay person).

Hassan Ssebuliba was later stripped of his guild responsibilities and went into hiding.

After going in hiding for so long, Hassan was spotted in Boston America. How he left Uganda is a mystery but if he returns to Uganda will not be welcome. Currently the Mayor of Boston, Martin J Walsh is taking care of him.

James Nsaba Buturo, an MP from Kigezi region like David Bahati has renewed the fight against homosexuality in Uganda.

Buturo is set to re-table the bill in parliament with the highest punishment being death. The Constitutional Court ruled against it on technicality than substance.

“We are putting our act [bill] together. Just give us a bit of time … We need a law that defends and protects our values,” James Nsaba Buturo was quoted by media.

Hon David Bahati a Minister of State for Finance says government supports the church and will make sure homosexuality is criminalized to protect the coming generations.

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