A dramatic surge in the cases of land, family, property, political, and employment rights violations is threatening to turn in to a catastrophe in Lira City.

Data obtained from Equal opportunities Commission (EOC) legal department indicates that cases registered relating to rights abuses are on rise with land rights taking the lead.

According to the data, a total of 18 cases were registered under employment rights, family with 4 cases, property with 4 cases, political rights with 2 cases and land on the lead with 20 cases.

Mr. Juma Musema, a legal officer at the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) said in their engagements with different stakeholders and public in Lira City on sensitization of rights and needs, they were able to register a total of 48 cases related to human rights abuses.

“During our engagements with the residents of Lira city, we were able to register 48 cases related to human rights abuses. And out of the 48, land was leading with 20 cases,”Mr.Musema told Daily Monitor on Wednesday.

He said the employment rights abuses were also registered majorly by female who says they are always sexually harassed while seeking for job opportunities.

He called on those whose righst are violated from places of work to ensure register to their offices.

“Very many peoples’ rights have been violated and abused but the majority fear to report such cases simply because they don’t know the right places where to report them. Therefore I urge all those whose rights are being violated to come and register the case to us.” He added.

He said they intend to regionalize their operations to enable victim’s access legal services..

Mr Anthony Okwir, one of the participants expressed dismay on such abuses majorly among the job seekers and yet no one bothers to attend such abuses.

“There is no objectivity and integrity now days in job recruitment. The jobs we have in the District Local Government have become helpless and bogas.Tribalism and corruption has become the emphasis,”Mr.Okwir said.

“When applying for a job in the District Service Commission and you don’t have Shs 3 million to give out as a bribe or when you are a lady and can’t handover yourself for sex there is no way you shall be given a job”, Mr Okwir told the EOC officials at Lira University on Tuesday during the engagement meeting.

So I appeal to you to ensure that these cases are investigated and officials using their positions to exploit job seekers put to book,” he added.

M Emmanuel Peace Opolot, the head of security at Lira University urged the Equal Opportunity Commission to establish centers in all the regions so that the disadvantaged people are helped.

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