Dstv cuts all prices

MultiChoice Uganda has announced a price drop for its DStv and Gotv packages. The most significant changes are in the DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact and Family and GOtv Plus packages.

The price changes came into effect on September 3, 2019, and were launched at Clock Tower in downtown Kampala. There has been a 22 per cent drop for the DStv Premium package, 29 per cent for Compact Plus, 33 per cent for DStv Compact, 19 per cent for DStv Family but no price changes for DStv Access package.

DStv has promised not to bring down the prices or reduce the number of channels except in circumstances beyond their control such introduction of new taxes, forex drop in the Uganda shilling among others.

DStv Premium

Current price – Shs 280 000

New price – Shs 219 000

DStv Compact Plus

Current price – Shs 180 000

New price – Shs 129 000

DStv Compact

Current price – Shs 115 000

New price- Shs 79 000

DStv Family

Current price – Shs 60 000

New price – Shs 49 000

DStv Access

Current price – Shs 33 000

No price change

Premium+Asia Addon

Current price -Shs 298 000

New price – Shs 237 000

Premium+French Addon

Current price – Shs 410 000

New price -Shs 349 000

The price changes that are being effected in Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya have caused other African subscribers in other nations to protest. Reacting to The Observer story published recently, subscribers from Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia among others all demanded price reductions as well.

Despite the drop in prices, Uganda and Kenya are among the countries with the highest subscription rates in Africa. Angola enjoys the cheapest subscription rates followed by Nigeria, Switzerland, Swaziland, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia (in that order). Subscribers in Angola pay as little as 12,000 Angolan kwanza a month (about Shs 124,512) for the DStv Premium package.

Nigerians pay 15,800 nairas (about Shs 161,004) for the Premium Package. At a monthly $105 (Shs 385,402) subscription rate for DStv Premium, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) subscribers pay the highest rates in Africa – followed by Ivory Coast at Shs 375,791 and Mozambique at Shs 334,612. South African subscribers pay Shs 199,485 for the premium package.

“These are tough economic times and as a company, we’re constantly looking at various ways our to thank customers for their ongoing support and loyalty whilst delivering a world-class entertainment service at a price they can afford,” said Joan Semanda Kizza, the PR and Communications Manager of MultiChoice Uganda.

“These significant price drop the various DStv bouquets and GOtv Plus is our way to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring our customers receive the best possible access to great experience.”

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  1. that is so good,but they should also improve on the services ie when you are off on the air and you pay for the service it can take like 7 hours when you are still off on the air

  2. Segregation in service delivery why Access only u mean we don’t deserve a discount

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