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Tuesday July 23, 2019

DP Bloc ready for talks with other opposition leaders and parties on a framework for a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Abed Bwanika


The unhealthy standoff between a repressive regime and a determined population committed to change has created an environment rife with tension and violence. The State, pushed to the wall by a collapsing economy, a divided polity, a military whose allegiance is to an individual despot and a shrinking democratic space, has become extremely intolerant and violent. Instead of engaging with the increasing voices of dissent, the Museveni regime has decided to intimidate the populace into silence over valid questions being raised about the doomed voyage our country is on. 

Uganda’s biggest problem is dictatorship. All the other problems stem from this one major problem. Due to dictatorship, the government is not accountable. Public resources are abused with reckless abandon. Security forces are there for the protection of the regime instead of protecting the people. This toxic combination has turned Uganda into a Failing State.

In the circumstances, we have a responsibility to step forward with a liberation plan for our country. We need to rescue the Ugandan State from Musevenism. The plan is about dismantling the repressive and predatory military, political and economic machine which props up the regime and also dismantle the mindset of fear and hopelessness in the populace. This intense struggle by the Ugandan masses cannot fail if based on unity of the democracy seeking forces and a concrete program for transition into a Uganda beyond Museveni.  The aim of our plan is to restore a renewed sense of ownership of the country to all citizens.

The whole idea of Uganda needs to be renegotiated afresh. In short Uganda needs a New Consensus! All this will not come without a struggle. President Museveni and his junta have no political will to democratize you

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