Do not de-campaign Measles Vaccination RDC warns

By Frederick Anyine

Mbarara Uganda

The deputy resident district commissioner Mbarara Emmy Kateera has warned parents, local council leaders and other stakeholders not to de-campaign the measles,Rubella and polio vaccination excercise that has ckicked of today October 16 countrywide.

In an interview with Uganda Health news Kateera noted that some parents and guardians tend to resist having their children immunised on the pretext that the vaccines are not safe for their children.

“Who ever fails to take their children for immunisation will be arrested and face the law”, he said.

Mbarara region experienced negative propaganda at the close of the century when one local radio station de-campaigned the excercise which called for the intervention of experts and officials of WHO to come up and explain to the population the need for immunization and also the safety of vaccines..

Turyabagyenyi said that they have already received intelligence information that some people are already de-campaigning basing on their cults and cultural beliefs which can’t accepted.

He stressed that as chief monitor of government programs the government is ready to arrest those who will attempt to sabotage this program will not be tolerated.

Measles Rubella and polio vaccine immunization has began today Wednesday 16 and will end on  October 20 2019 for all children aged between  9 months and 14years and eleven months only.

According to the ministry of health for the first three days that is Wednesday 16th-18th October 2019, the campaign will concentrate in schools from pre-primary, primary and secondary school, and on Saturday and Sunday 19th -20th the campaign will concentrate in the designated immunization posts in  communities to ensure that no child is left un-immunized .

The measles Rubella and polio vaccine is safe, effective and free of charg

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  1. It’s the responsibility of health ministry to sensitize people about the importance of these vaccines unless people have different understanding.

  2. These vaccines are important.those decampaigning it are life threatners.

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