Champions League: Guardiola speaks ahead of Man City’s tie with Dinamo Zagreb tomorrow

Pep Guardiola says he does not know why Manchester City fans appear to favour the Premier League over the Champions League.

Asked why the competitions are not enjoyed equally, like at Liverpool or Manchester United, he said: “That is reality of our club.

“We have to seduce them so they realise how important.

“For the older generation they were not there.

“In Liverpool and United they used to be there for decades. It is in the culture of the club. We are making steps.”

He is trying to play it down.

“I want to win this tournament but if I don’t, it won’t change my life. I won’t kill myself,” he said.

“Of course we will try. I will be happier if we do it but if we don’t we will try again next year. It is the logical next step but it is not always possible.”

City’s opponents Dinamo Zagreb beat Atalanta 4-0 in their opening game.

Guardiola says City have to be wary.

“Atalanta play in a tough league, they are close to Juventus and Inter. Dinamo beat them 4-0. he said.

“That is a warning for us to be careful tomorrow.”

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