Chameleone consoles heart broken Kenzo- no body is an angel

Musician and Kampala mayoral seat hopeful Jose Chameleone has taken to social media to console fellow artiste Eddy Kenzo whose life has been shattered by the departure Rema for one Dr Hamza.

Rema took Hamza, a medical doctor with Mulago Hospital to visit her parents in the first stage of the marriage process according to Buganda cultural norms called “kukyaala” on independence day.

The event happened while Kenzo was abroad on a music tour in the United States.

Despite being far away, Kenzo says he watched everything that happened in an emotional reaction to certain issues that hit him hardest.

Kenzo lashed out at making his daughter with Rema, Amaal take center stage at an event she is culturally not supposed to attend.

Kenzo said: “I am so sad and hurt that my daughter was given centre stage during Rema and Hamza’s first traditional ceremony.”

Kenzo also took issue with Sheik Muzaata, a renown muslim cleric who in his remarks at the ceremony railed him as a “love pretender.” ( love nigga ssemyekozo)

Image result for photos of Rema and Hamza Kukyaala

Muzaata was speaking on behalf of Rema’s family at the ‘visitation’ of Dr Hamza.

“Rema, you are lucky. You survived a crook, love nigga. They do not want to commit to relationships or marriage in the pretext of trying to understand their ‘supposed spouse’ and hope to find one with ‘traits’ as their mothers,” Muzaata said.

Having heard Sheik Muzaata’s attacks on him, Kenzo wrote an emotional statement that has perhaps prompted Chameleone to console him.

 Kenzo said: “I put you(Muzaata) in Allah’s hands and wait for judgement day. God is the only judge.”

“Muzaata is an old and religious man whom I respect.  I wonder whether it was the right approach to insult me in front of my daughter and drag me into other people’s affairs; it is none of my business. I leave everything in Allah’s hands.”

Seeing all this, Chameleone has posted on his social media pages thus:


You are not an Angel, And so are many of us,
The times will pass and the storm will settle!!

Only God knows what he planned for us.

Anyhow to be a General, you must take a bullet!!!! And come back alive.

Pray, Pray and pray!!

Stay silent and let the caravans pass.
Many more challenges are ahead of you.


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