Celebrities with a net worth so huge you can’t believe it’s true

Whether it is the sportsperson or the movie star, most celebrities earn millions of dollars’ year after year. However, some end up splurging it all, others are smart enough to diversify their earnings and invest in other side businesses as well to keep their net worth growing. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that quite a few celebrities actually earn quite a few times more from their investments than from their professional earnings! 

Here is a look at some of the top earning celebrities across the world and their net worth:

Mariah Carey – Net worth: $ 300 million

With a staggering net worth of $300 million, Mariah Carey secures the 25th spot on our list of richest celebrities in the world. A singer, actress and a notable producer, she has sold well over 25 million albums worldwide – making her one of the richest celebrities on the planet.

Beyonce – Net worth: $500 million

Another singer on the list, Beyonce is a global superstar who made herself known all across the globe with her group called Destiny’s Child prior to working as a solo performer. Since then, she has starred in numerous Hollywood movies, apart from producing and singing in hundreds of music albums. She continues to rock the charts and is on the 24th spot of our list of celebrities having the highest net worth.

Peter Jackson – Net worth: $500 million

Peter Jackson’s claim to fame was the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy that garnered him millions – both in terms of fans and money, worldwide. After that, he went on to produce and direct several big hits, which have earned him a number 23rd spot on our list of the richest celebrities in the world right now.

George Clooney – Net worth: $500 million

Coming from a humble background, George Clooney didn’t get easy success as an actor. He had to sleep in his car for most of his initial struggling days before he went on to become one of the finest (and good-looking!) men in the Hollywood industry. At present, Mr. Clooney has a net worth of $500 million and he uses a decent part of this money for philanthropic acts as well.

Sir Elton John – Net worth: $500 million

Sir Elton John, a Grammy-awardee and a notable British musician, needs no introduction. With his music career spanning decades, Sir Elton John has raked in well over $500 million as a performer. In May 2019, a biopic named The Rocketman was also released to honor this great personality.

Tom Cruise- Net worth: $570 million

One of the most recognizable faces on the planet right now, Hollywood star Tom Cruise is on the 20th spot of this list of richest celebrities in the world. Apart from being an actor, Tom Cruise is also a movie producer, and that has significantly helped him in earning millions of dollars over the years. His famous flicks include the Mission Impossible franchise movies, amongst others.

Jimmy Buffett – Net worth: $600 million

With a music career spanning several decades, legendary songwriter and singer, Jimmy Buffett has a net worth of $600 million dollars – earning him the 19th rank on this list of richest celebrities in the world. Some of his famous songs include the A pirate looks at 40Come Monday, and Margaritaville.

Tyler Perry – Net worth: Net worth $600 million

Tyler Perry is a notable Hollywood actor, director, and producer. With five of his movies going on to become the year’s biggest blockbusters, Tyler Perry has achieved success like very few have. The added bonus of this massive success is his net worth, which stands at a staggering $600 million.

Bono – Net worth:$700 million

Musicians have so far dominated this list of richest celebrities on the planet, and Bono is another addition to it, who is at the 17th spot. A singer and musician, Bono has had a really long and successful career with U2 music band.

James Cameron – Net worth: $700 million

James Cameron perhaps needs no introduction. A director known for his visionary movie making approach, James Cameron has directed and produced most of the highest-grossing movies of all time, which include the likes of AvatarTitanic, and Terminator. He continues to direct and produce movies and we will be hoping that the next flick in the Avatar series takes his rank higher in the list.

Tiger Woods – Net worth: $800 million

Despite several shocking controversies in his career, Tiger Woods has had one of the most prolific careers as a sportsman, earning countless titles and earning millions of dollars in the process. In his prime, he continued to be the highest-paid sportsman in the world for several years. At the moment, he has a massive net worth of $800 million and he is surely on the list of all-time greats.

Celine Dion – Net worth:$800 million

Another popular singer and award-winning songwriter on this list of richest celebrities, Celine Dion’s shot to fame with her title My Heart Will Go On. Celine Dion always wanted to be a stage performer and she continues to live her childhood dream of being a singer. With a net worth of well over $800 million, she ranks 14th on the list of celebrities having the most net worth.

Dr Dre – Net worth:$820 million

From starting his career with the N.W.A group in Los Angeles to creating his own business venture with Beats By Dre, Dr. Dre has come a long way in establishing himself as a singer and musician in the industry. His famous song till date remains the Straight Outta Compton, which became an overnight success. As of now, he has a net worth of close to $820 million, which earns him the 13th spot on the list of richest celebrities out there.

Madonna – Net worth: $850 million

Madonna has been the role model and one of the finest musicians of all time in the world. She has worked in close to 300 albums, which have earned millions of dollars every year. Apart from her earnings through album releases, Madonna’s concerts are also a huge hit amongst music lovers and earn her millions of fans (and dollars) worldwide.

P Diddy – Net worth:$855 million

P Diddy started his career as a rap artist before becoming a music producer as well. He has had his share of efforts in the success of many artists, which include Mariah Carey amongst others. Having a net worth of $855 million, he stands at the 11th spot in this list of richest celebs in the world.

Kylie Jenner – Net worth:$900 million

Kylie Jenner is soon to shatter the record of becoming the youngest person to reach the billion mark. She is a successful reality TV star and belongs to the Kardashian-Jenner family. She also owns several business ventures as well, apart from being a social media influencer having over 120 million Instagram followers.

Jay – Z – Net worth:$930 million

Jay-Z started his career as a rap artist and began to invest in other ventures, which included records, clothing lines, and endorsements. As of now, Jay-Z sits atop a net worth of whopping $930 million and is ranked 9th on the list of richest celebrities in the world. Some of his most popular albums are The Dynasty: Roc La Familia4:44 and Kingdom Come, amongst others.

Jerry Seinfield – Net worth:$950 million

Most of us have absolutely loved the show Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld as its star. Having a net worth of over $950 million, Jerry Seinfeld continues to entertain us with his everamazing stand-up comedy acts and shows. He comfortably takes the 8th spot on this list and we wish he continues to entertain us year after year.

David Copperfield- Net worth:$1 million

David Copperfield – world’s perhaps most well-known illusionist, needs no introduction. His magic tricks have earned him fans worldwide and he continues to earn a significant amount of money every year. Apart from being a successful magician, he also has several real estate investments that earn him close to $1 billion a year!

J.K.Rowling- Net worth:$1billion

The author of the famous Harry Potter book series, and now a movie producer as well. J.K Rowling’s claim to fame was her first Harry Potter book that earned her recognition all around the world. She has never looked back since then, as she continues to earn over $1 billion every year thanks to her book royalties and movies.

Paul Maccartney – Net worth:$1.2 billion

The Beatles is perhaps the most well-known band that has ever been in the history of the music industry, and Paul McCartney had a major role to play in it. Despite starting a solo career as later on in life, he continued to earn millions in his long music career. At the moment, his net worth is over $1.2 billion, and he ranks 5th in the list of richest celebrities in the world right now.

Micheal Jordan – Net worth:$1.7 billion

Undoubtedly the best player in the history of basketball, Michael Jordan has a staggering net worth of over $1.7 billion, courtesy his numerous endorsements and investments he has made over the decades. He also holds stakes in the brand Hornets and claims the 4th spot in the list of celebrities having the highest net worth.

Oprah Winfrey – Net worth: $3.2 billion

Starting her career as a morning show host, Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction today, as she has transformed her following into a gigantic media empire. With a career spanning several decades, she has accumulated a net worth of close to $3.7 billion and sits on the 3rd spot on the list of richest celebrities on the planet.

Steven Spielberg – Net worth:$3.7 billion

A legendary director and producer, Steven Spielberg is known for his super blockbuster movies, which include the E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialJawsJurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark to name a few. He continues to inspire millions across the globe with his moviemaking style and has earned the 2nd spot on the list of richest celebs worldwide.

George Lucas – Net worth:$5.5 billion

The top spot in the list of celebrities having the highest net worth goes to none other than George Lucas, whose claim to fame was writing and directing the Star Wars: A New Hope. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and continued to write and direct blockbusters through his LucasFilm, Ltd., which he sold off to the movie company Disney for a staggering $4 billion! He continues to be the richest celebrity in the world right now with a net worth of approximately $5.5 billion.

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