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Can God Take Sides In Elections Or Football Contests? Hon Henry Musasizi Advises

Can God Take Sides In Elections Or Football Contests? Hon Henry Musasizi Refuses to give credit to his Political Rival

By Goodluck Musinguzi

Supporters of different politicians or Fans of soccer teams Pray To God Hoping He Takes Sides by helping them to win. When God fails to take sides they regress to tribe or religion when afraid.

Hon Henry Musasizi Rubanda East MP refused to be used in promoting his rivals in Church because he knows God doesn’t take sides. On Sunday 8th March 2020, a special church service was organized at Kagazi Church of Uganda, Hamurwa Subcounty In Rubanda East Constituency in order to support the church’s development.

However, politics took center stage with the church committee planning to promote Jogo Biryabareema Kenneth, the current District Chairman. While they had decided to make the District Chairman the Guest of Honor they made sure the area MP and NRM Chairman attends.

The Church Committee changed the date of the function to suit the working schedule of the Mp who is the Chairman Finance Committee of Parliament. The Finance Committee is busy with the coming budget 2020/2021 and they travel alot trying to make laws that will improve Uganda government’s income and expenditures.

When Hon Henry Musasizi stood up to speak he confronted the fear of the committee and those who want to use church or church institutions to promote their candidate.

“If the church wants to promote development am ready to have my day, its not my habit and way of doing things to be seen challenging the Guest of Honor. When i investigated through my contacts it was found out that the committee decided against my being Guest of Honor despite changing date”.

Hon Musasizi continued to say. ” I respect decisions of the committee but the church can decide to hold another meeting and weigh development and electioneering. When am given my day i will do my best to support the church. I will not give alot because the day is for the guest of honor”.

Musasizi contibuted 30 bags of cement and 500,000 shillings. He commented about the issue of rice that was donated by the Prime Minister’s Office and wondered why the distribution was done in away to make sure he doesn’t get credit.

Hon Henry Musasizi won the Chairmanship of NRM Rubanda district after defeating a proxy of the current chairman in a hotly contested election. After that election, Jogo Biryabareema Kenneth is rebranding himself to confront his political rival Hon Henry Musasizi.

Hon Musasizi says he is ready for that time of electioneering but wont give his opponents chance to use churches or its institutions to get credit. In mature politics no one is ready to give rivals who want to use their fears in building political capital out of nothing.

Jogo Biryabareema Kenneth the guest of honor contributed 500,000 shillings.

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