Bushenyi top leaders join locals to protest over sale of Kabagarame Pork Joint

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Over 2500 locals from Bushenyi district have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni over the attempt to sale famous Kabagarame pork Market located in Kayojo cell, Ruharo ward, and central division Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality.

Carrying placards inscribed on words like Government Save us,Mzee President Save our market, Please save of income generating entities, Kabagarame togikwatako, #Save Kabagarame  they walked over 2kilometers from Kayojo Village ,Ruharo ward Central division where the market is located  to Ishaka –Bushenyi Municipality offices.

The majority were women who joined by Godon Arinda Cowboy  the area MP and other district leaders including the district chairperson Jaffar Basajabalaba, and the mayor Jackson Kamugasha on Thursday August 29

They gathered in the compound of municipal council offices from where they handed over their petition to the Bushenyi District Internal Security Officer Peter Katusiime.

In the petition, the residents say this pork hangout has been identified and advertised for attachment after a family of one of the residents Manfred Muhumuza successfully won a court case against Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality over the ownership of taxi park land.

“Recently ,Muhumuza family as respondents led by Manfred Muhumuza secured attachment, eviction and sale of immovable property orders to evict and sale not only Kabagarame market but also other properties of Municipal council…,”reads part of the petition.

The petitioners want the government to bail them out and pay the damages and costs of the suit amounting to over Shs 2 billion in order to reverse the eviction.

The petitioners say this hangout is a source of livelihood to hundreds of residents who sell pork, vegetables, drinks, firewood and the transport sector especially special hire drivers and boda bodas.

“They have already advertised this place for sale in the media, our operations have already been disorganized. thousands of residents derive their livelihood from here, the closure of this market will cripple economically many families,” said Mr Ronald Rwabutwagu, the chairperson for the petitioners.

Jaffar Basajabalaba, the LCV chairperson Bushenyi district said they will use all avenues possible to see the locals are not evicted.

“The fight for Kabagarame has no religion, party or tribe. It’s about the well-being of our people and we will not rest until the intended eviction is reversed. Those who are rushing to advertise and intending buyers should go slow on this market,” warned Basajabalaba.

Hon Arinda on Tuesday petitioned the speaker of Parliament over the matter and the speaker directed the attorney general to work with ministry of finance and local governments on possibilities of bailing Ishaka-Bushenyi municipality out of the huge debt.

Kabagarame is a popular pork hangout that operates every Saturday and attracts thousands of revelers across the country. It’s one of the major sources of income and revenue to Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality.

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