Bugingo can be made to pay fees-says Justice Kasule

Justice Remmy Kasule has had his legal insight into Pastor Bugingo’s case of refusing to pay school fees for his children brought against him by his wife Teddy Naluswa.

Justice Remmy Kasule shares that if a parent refuses to pay fees when they have the ability to do so, a child above 18 can use the law to ensure that their needs are met.

According to court documents, Bugingo and Teddy have four children: Doreen Bugingo (27), Winnie Treasure Bugingo (22), Jennifer Blessed Bugingo (19) and Isaac Miracle Bugingo (4).

Lawyer Julius Galisonga who represents Teddy in the case says all efforts to getting the pastor attend to his children’s tuition needs were in vain prompting them to file a maintenance case.

The lawyer says Bugingo’s children are still studying with Treasure studying Electronic Engineering in the UK, Jennifer studying Business Administration at Makerere University while Isaac is in Baby Class.

Now the Appeals Court Justice, Remmy Kasule says the consideration is not the age of a child but the circumstances.

“For example if I am 18 years old and pursuing studies, I still remain under the care of my parents until I start earning a living to sustain myself,” he says.

“Being 18 years does not disqualify me from getting support from my parents,” he adds.

“It is still the responsibility of parents to support children who are pursuing education,” he further observes.

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