Bobi Wine could go to prison if he continues to wear red cap

People power founder Bobi Wine and his supporters face new guidelines from the army over wearing their symbolic red berets.

This comes after the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) designated the cap as being military uniform.

Bobi Wine, the ex-pop star turned opposition leader, has adopted the red beret as his trademark.

Under the new legislation, he could go to prison if he continues to wear what he calls a “symbol of resistance”.

Bobi Wine has not commented on the new rules but a key figure in his People Power Movement has told the AFP news agency they will continue to wear the hats.

“We shall continue to wear the revolutionary red berets,” said youth leader Ivan Boowe. “No amount of intimidation will make us fear to exercise our rights.”

“By designating our dress code as a military wear, the government is moving to attempt to ban the People Power Movement and we are ready to face any action government takes,” he added.

Black boots have also been banned under the orders.

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