“The riches of a nation are not its minerals but in its people”

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda represented by his Vice President Edward Ssekandi has opened the 8th African Population Conference that has attracted almost 1000 delegates on the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe City.

Museveni said accelerated investment in African Population is critical for development as it creates jobs.

“A skilled population is critical for development of the insurance, banking, Finance, Hotels, Trade and Shipping among others like our brothers in East and South East Asia did”.

Ssekandi enumerated achievements by the NRM government since 1986 and promised more funding to sectors that improve the life of people and make them productive.

The Vice President Edward Ssekandi was accompanied by Hon Ruth Aceng Minister of Health, Hon David Bahati, Minister of State Finance and Economic Planning who is the host Minister.

The National Population Council, Uganda Bureau of Statistics under Ministry of Finance  and Makerere University Centre for Population and Applied Statistics in conjuction with the Union for African Population Studies (UAPS) have organized the 8th African Population Conference (APC), Under the theme “Harnessing Africa’s Population Dynamics for Sustainable Development: 25 Years After Cairo And Beyond”,

Later President Museveni and First Lady First Lady Janet Museveni hosted the United Nations Population Fund Executive Director, Natalia Kanem, and her team at State House, Entebbe.

“Like I said in Nairobi at the ICPD25 summit, a quality population is achievable if a country undergoes social-economic transformation. Concepts like gender equality are middle-class aspirations and cannot be attained in a pre-capitalist setting”, Museveni said.

Uganda is committed to working with the UN and other key stakeholders to improve the lives of our citizens through interventions like provision of education, health services and ultimate economic empowerment. I thank Mrs Kanem for visiting Uganda.

 Museveni re-emphasized the need for African Governments to emphasize transformation of their societies in order to address the challenges of gender equality along with other pertinent issues of gender-based violence.

He stressed that by working on issues that transform society, such as education, health, socio-economic and prosperity of the people, challenges that face the population would automatically be addressed.

“In the past, having many children was insurance and a blessing from God because others would die due to diseases,” he said.

He noted that this time round, a mother can have children because they will not die of preventable diseases any longer,

Dr. Kanem, on her part thanked the President for the commitment towards the elimination of the challenges that face the young generation, especially the girl child.

She commended his stand at the recently concluded Nairobi International Conference on Population with regard to socio-economic transformation in societies to achieve gender equality as well as elimination of obstacles that inhibit the empowerment of the girl-child.

The 8th African Population Conference being held under the auspices of the Union of African Population Studies (UAPS) will develop the Entebbe Declaration, the new roadmap for guiding African governments on new approaches for addressing persisting gaps in population dynamics.

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